29 October 2010

BCA / DA Manicure - finally!

Hey everyone!

Again, I was MIA for a bit there. Sorry about that! I went to my first Broadway show last night =] In The Heights! It was amazing =]

Onto this manicure. I did this like...almost 3 weeks ago. Oops. This was inspired by this post by Deez Nails. I had the same problem with Sally Hansen Lime Lights...It's so sheer. Here it is at 4 coats (no base or topcoat):

So...yeah. Here's my combined Breast Cancer and Depression Awareness mani! Two coats of CoverGirl Megawatt Mauve topped with one coat of Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Lime Lights:

Megawatt Mauve on its own. These pictures make it look more melon-pink colored. But in real life it's a deep mauve-pink.

Again by itself. More color-accurate.

With Lime Lights! I love that subtle (or not-so-subtle) green shimmer.

Anyone else think my nails look like candy? Is that just me? ......**crickets chirping**

So pretty!

So yeah, that my combined Breast Cancer (pink) and Depression (green) manicure. What do you think?

Thanks for reading!


08 October 2010

CQ Silver Taupe

This has to be one of the most unique finishes that I've ever seen on a polish. Maybe it's because I don't know about many finishes besides the standard ones, like glitter, shimmer, frost, metallic, cream, jelly, duochrome, flakie, etc. But this polish doesn't really fall into either one of those.

So, is this what "glass fleck" polish means? I didn't think glass fleck polishes gave off a speckled kind of look, but I have no idea in all honesty. If it IS glass fleck, it's my one and only glass fleck polish at the moment =]. Onto the pictures!

Here are some bottle pictures. If my camera could zoom in as close as I wanted it to, the pictures would be better. Hopefully you can make out what I'm talking about anyway!

Just nail shots:

So, I posted a lot of pictures, and hopefully you can make out the finish in at least one. The polish in real life looks almost speckled. The base is a medium taupe with a hint of violet, and it's speckled with shimmer silver pieces. If it's not glass fleck, I was thinking it was kind of a micro-flakie...nail polish. Yeah, I just made that up. I don't own any flakie polishes, but that's the closest thing I could compare it to. If they're flakies, they're almost ground up to a powder, and pieces of different sizes are covering my nail. Does this make sense at all?

Please leave a comment with what this finish is called! =] Thanks!

Other stuff: this is 3 coats, and I had to do medium coats because it was rather sheer when I did my usual thin coats. I got this at Rite Aid if you're interested. =] That's about it!

What do you think of this polish?


07 October 2010

China Glaze Atlantis

This color is amazing! I ordered it off Amazon (love Amazon!) after seeing some awesome swatches not too long ago, and when it came, the polish looked absolutely amazing in the bottle. It is absolutely PACKED with holo glitter.

Onto the pictures! Warning: there are a LOT.








Yeah, I know, it's amazing. I seriously could not stop looking at my nails. I really considered taking the polish off for my Organic Chemistry exam cause I just kept staring at them while I was studying! But, of course, the polish stayed on. =]

If you couldn't tell, Atlantis is a teal blue jelly with a TON of holo glitter. The jelly is so sheer so you can see right through to all the layers of polish underneath. The effect is awesome. This is 3-4 coats; I did 3 on some and 4 on others =P. You can still see nail line, but you can't really cover it with this polish. Not that I mind at all! It's gorgeous!

Only complaint? Chipped within 2 days =\

Here's another picture that I took while I was doing my manicure. It kinda shows the thickness of coats that you need for this polish. Take a look:


These are all one coat. On the first two fingers, I did a thicker coat. And on the second two, I did how I would usually do a first coat. As I've said before, I usually do very thin coats, but that just doesn't work with this polish. It would take like 6 coats if I kept doing it that thin.

So, do you own Atlantis? I couldn't stop looking at it while it was on, and now I can't stop staring at these pictures! lol! Share your thoughts below!!

Thanks for reading!!


05 October 2010

A Trip to NYC with OPI Glitzerland!

Let me preface this entry by saying that I live about 3 and a half hours away from New York City, and I've still, to this day, never visited NYC without being on a school trip. My school is much closer to the city, and on the 18th, I went into the city to see the King Tut exhibit!

This was my first time in the 19 years of my life that I've walked down Broadway and been in Times Square =] Here are a couple pictures:


Times Square!


On my trip, I wore OPI's Glitzerland from the fall Switzerland collection. I did swatches previously here, but here it is as a full mani:


This shot shows the glitter like a thousand times better than any of my other pictures.

Nails on a countertop at a Starbucks in NYC.

A woman on the trip asked me what color I was wearing, and I told her, and she started describing it to her friend on the phone as a "goldish, grayish shimmer." She wanted to get it for herself =P

After a couple of days, I stamped it with BM plate 19 using Glitzerland's sister from the Swiss collection, Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous.



Sometime later, I added one coat of Matte About You on the ring finger.

I loved this look =] It came out pretty much how I intended, but maybe the stamping could have been a little darker.

What do you think about this? How often do you go to NYC, or have you never been? Please let me know!

Thanks so much for reading,


PS. I'm working on a post for BCA/DA. Stay tuned!