28 April 2011

Zoya Shawn with Confetti My Favorie Martian


What a busy week! 2 weeks til summer for me!

This is a mani from the past: Zoya Shawn, 2 coats, a deep yellow-leaning green cream polish, and then in the second picture, I topped it with one or two coats of Confetti My Favorite Martian. I love it!

Let me know what you think! What are your favorite colors to layer?


23 April 2011



So I'm home for Easter/my birthday (today, the 23rd) and I don't have my camera....FAIL...or any pictures saved to my computer....DOUBLE FAIL. I'll try and steal someone's camera to take pictures before I get back to school. Sorry I don't have any posts =[

Congrats to all the Bundle Monster plate winners! And I hope everyone has a lovely Easter/Passover/weekend!

I have some haul posts coming up! Stay tuned!


17 April 2011

Bundle Monster Contest!

Hey guys!

Will update sometime after my HUUUUUGE Physics exam on Tuesday, but here's my entry for the bundle monster plate contest!

Please click HERE to help me out!!!

Would love it if you could vote for me and all of the other lovely entries!

You guys are awesome =]

11 April 2011

ChG Innocence American/French Mani

LOL. Saw this as an ad on facebook. Thought you guys would appreciate it! What's with this spelling?!

Help spread savvy, colorful nails to your beautiful customers. Start giving mannies and peddies now!

In other news this was one of the best school days I've had in a long time. It was a high of 82 today...which is drastically hot compared to the winterish weather we've been having, and everywhere else has been having as well. I finally could wear flip flops!! I had two canceled classes and got out of my lab almost two hours early! I also got to take two naps! Very painless day, to say the least.


Just thought I'd share!

I'll leave you with some blurryish pictures of a mani I did a while back. Base is China Glaze Innocence, a sheer pink. Then I created a kind of American or French manicure with freehanded tips in Sally Hansen Polar Bare, a sheer white. I really like how fresh this looked. Hm...maybe I'll recreate this and stamp over it....

Until next time,


02 April 2011

Autism Awareness Day


Hey everyone. Today I'm going to be showing pictures of a blue mani (which I did a while back) in honor of World Autism Awareness Day which is today, April 2nd! I'm happy to see other bloggers supporting this cause as well!

Onto the pictures!

This is OPI's No Room for the Blues, a medium blue cream that I just love. It went on like a dream and I believe this is two coats, but I might have done a third. The accent nail is topped with one coat of Sephora by OPI Traffic Stopper Copper, which I tested on my ring nails and then decided to buy a full bottle! =P

What's your favorite blue polish?