31 July 2012

Olympic Nails!

Hello! Today I have for you a super special manicure. This is my first detailed themed manicure here on Clever and Colorful! 

For this manicure, I used about 15 polishes; the ones you can probably pick out are OPI San Tanio, China Glaze For Audrey, and Zoya Dove. 

Here's some more detail in case you have any questions about polishes or design:
Thumb: Olympic Rings '2012'
            Background is one coat of generic white topped with Sally Hansen Polar Bare and Orly Winter  Wonderland. Rings are all made using Stripe Rite polishes. The 2012 was made using a nail art brush dipped in Barielle Gelt Me to the Party. 
Pointer: Bicycling
            Background is For Audrey, Grass (which was sponged) and Road are both Stripe Rite polishes, person is made with a white Stripe Rite.
Middle: Water Polo
            Background is Dove dotted with virtually every Stripe Rite I own using a dotting tool, which I intended to be the crowd watching. The water is a mix of the blue Stripe Rite and For Audrey. Person, again, is the white SR.
Ring: Big Ben at sunset
         Background is a sponge gradient of SR Yellow, SR Red, and ChG Traffic Jam. The clock tower is San Tan-tonio, Dove, and White SR outlined in the black SR. Birds are also black SR. Lines of Big Ben are the Gold SR.
Pinky: Beach volleyball
          Background is For Audrey, sand is San Tan-tonio. Net and person is white SR, outline is black SR.

The people in my designs are white because I took the Olympic symbols for cycling, water polo, and beach volleyball and inserted them onto a colorful background.

For those of you wondering, my right hand is painted with no detail at all. Thumb and Middle are Zoya Dove (thumb is topped with Orly WW), Pointer and Pinky are For Audrey, and Ring is the same stamping gradient. Just a compliment to the designs on my other hand.

I really hope you like this! It's something I don't usually do, but I was really inspired! What do you think? Are you watching the Olympics?

Thanks for reading,



  1. oh wow, this is AMAZING!!!!! so much better than mine!!!! did you do it on both hands?!?! so detailed, I LOVE IT! amazing talent! I do some crazy things on my nails, but I don't think I could have had something this detailed! and love your thumb :)

    1. Thank you!! I could never do this on my right hand cause 1) it would look awful and 2) it would take another two hours =P But my right hand is painted to compliment the background colors I used on my left hand: Thumb and Middle are Zoya Dove (thumb is topped with Orly WW), Pointer and Pinky are For Audrey, and Ring is the same stamping gradient as I have behind Big Ben. I don't usually have the right inspiration to do something this detailed, so it might not ever happen again, LOL.


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