10 August 2010

Sinful Colors Swatches


I'm slowly trying to organize my stash into 5 clear plastic shoeboxes. Hopefully they'll fit after all the buying I've been doing. So I'm going to start showing you guys some of what I own little by little til I can show you everything all neat and organized =]

This is my collection of Sinful Colors polishes as of today, 8/10/10. (or 10/8/10, depending on where you live.) August 10th =p No topcoat or basecoat (or clean up) unless specified.

First Row: Snow Me White, Gogo Girl, Dumpling, Bamboo
Second Row: Hottie, Lang Lang (purple), Love Bite

And now for the swatches. I didn't swatch Snow Me White, cause it's...well, white. But if anyone is looking for a review or a swatch, leave a comment. I've heard it's a pretty good white, not streaky or anything. We'll see.

Gogo Girl. I did my swatch on one of my hands, admired it, and then took it right off! I forgot all about pictures. It was my tenth swatch of the day, so I think I was losing it a little. I redid it, but only did one nail. Sorry =\


Second picture is with flash, as you can probably tell. It looks red in the bottle, but I did one coat and all I could see was pink. So disappointed. Buttt then as I kept putting coats on, it got redder, obviously. The picture is 3 coats, but there's still VNL. It's a pretty cherry red though. Cream finish, applied well.

Dumpling. Here's a photo from my NOTD post of Dumpling, from the recent Shanghai Nights collection. (Original post HERE)


It is suuuuper sheer. This picture is 5 (yes, FIVE) coats, along with Sally Hansen Nail Protex (pictured) as basecoat and topcoat. I'm probably going to use this for layering mostly. It is rather pretty though. Also applied well and it has a nice subtle shimmer.

Bamboo. This one caught my eye because I thought it was similar to Jade is the New Black, but now that I own JITNB (YAYYY!), I can tell you that they're quite different. This color is much more blue toned and has a shimmer finish.

Second one is flash (again, stating the obvious).

This is also from the Shanghai Nights collection. Two coats. It has a really subtle but pretty shimmer to it. It dried pretty fast, and was close to matte, definitely needs topcoat. The only thing I don't get is the name, or any of the names from this collection really. . .

Hottie. It's a glitter polish with a (sheer) purple-toned blue base. It has some chunky purple and blue glitter and also a ton of fine glitter.

Ooooooh, pretty.

I only did one nail so I wouldn't have to get all that glitter off. I really like this, but it's going to be for layering. Two coats, and as you can see, it's far from opaque. Definitely pretty and unique though.

Lang Lang. See what I mean about these names? Shanghai Nights collection. This polish is NOT for the faint of heart.

Looks like an innocent purple...


This color is electric. That cobalt blue flash is a lot more noticeable in person. This is two coats, slightly shimmery. I'm wearing this in a Ruffian right now, and in some lights it seems more blue, some purple. It photographed really blue in the bottle, but not in this swatch. Aside from the name, this is one of my new favorites.

Love Bite.This is the last of my Sinfuls. I bought this polish cause it looks black, but it actually has green, blue, and purple/magenta shimmer in it, at least in the bottle. Only the teal color showed on the nail =[

Bottle Picture:

Crappy picture, but SEE? The colors are there!


Alright, I guess the purple's there in the first picture if you look for it. . . but I didn't see it at all in person. This is three coats, very pretty.

So there are my Sinfuls. I'm pretty new to this brand, but I'm liking it so far. Application was consistent. The only disappointment was Dumpling, with 5 coats, though I love the color. I think my favorite thing about them is the bottles; they're really cute! And at $1.99, I think they're worth a shot if you can find them. I purchased all of mine at Rite Aid, and I know they sell them at Walgreens, too.

Thanks for reading! Do you have any Sinfuls?



  1. I love Sinfuls lol. I have...What’s Your Name, You Just Wait, Fiji, Purple Diamond, San Francisco, Social Ladder, Out Of This World, Fusion Neon, Neon Melon, Summer Peach, Dream On, Irish Green, Mint Apple, This Is It, Love Nails, Ruby Ruby and Sugar Sugar. Wow that's alot lol

  2. WOW! That's so awesome. =] I've only just gotten into them but I'll probably get more in the future!

  3. I have two Sinfuls and I was impressed with both of them. I have Courtney Orange, a shimmery glowing orange and Nail Junkie, which is similar to Hottie only it has a teal blue base with different glitter.

  4. Awesome! I don't remember seeing an orange or another glitter in my Rite Aid but I'll definitely have to look for them. =] I think Walgreens has a much bigger selection.

  5. Thank you =] definitely my favorite.


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