27 August 2010

Quick Update!


I am all moved in at school, and my sophomore year officially begins on September 1st. We somehow got everything to fit in the car for the 3 hour drive, INCLUDING my 200 bottles of nail polish. I have my polishes in 5 shoe boxes. When I brought the first 3 of them in, and everyone I passed made a comment, like one girl was walking with her mom, and the mom said, OHHHH BE HER FRIEND! lol. Got lots of comments marveling at all my polishes, and it was only 3 of the 5! Needless it say, it's a hit with my roommate and suitemate (and their moms!).

So I'm just letting everyone know that I'm most likely going to be MIA for a couple days while I get situated, but not for tooooo long. Please stick with me! I should be getting some free time very soon.

What am I missing? What's going on in the polish world?!

Thanks for reading!



  1. Don't worry, I've been busy starting school as well. (I feel sad I haven't had time to read and comment my favourite blogs.) Its great your roommate reacted well to all your polishes. Some people think my polish hobby is interesting, some think its silly.

  2. Yeah it's crazy how busy everything is. I think my roommate is more excited to play with all my polishes than anything else =P


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