04 August 2010

E.L.F. Brightening Eye Color Looks/Review

Hello everyone!

I'm going to talk a little about the e.l.f. quads I picked up a while back. They're mentioned in THIS haul post, and I got them from the Dollar Tree.

(In my first few posts I was using my sister's old camera. . . but recently I've switched cameras and the pictures are SO much better. Anyone notice? lol)

I was really suprised to see that e.l.f. was sold in the Dollar Tree in my town, so I picked up two of the Brightening Eye Color quads, Butternut and Punk Funk.


Punk Funk

I love the colors in each of these, even though I never wear anything like Punk Funk in real life. I only got that one because the colors were so pretty and bright, and I used my "it's only a dollar!" mantra that I've been using too much lately.

One thing I noticed with these right off the bat is that you really need to use a base (like a cream eyeshadow) or a primer, at least in my experience. If not, the colors don't show up nearly as pigmented as they look and they come off very easily.

I did two looks using these quads; one used just the Butternut colors, and the other used just the Punk Funk colors. Here's what I came up with:

(NOTE: I am NOT a professional =P)





The first two pictures are more close to real life, especially with how they show the dark shadow in the crease. The second two photos got washed out.

I love these colors! They were really easy to blend and I love the outcome =]

I used the first shadow (lightest) as a highlight, the second color (peach) on the lid, the fourth color (brown shimmer) in the crease, and the third (dark brown) in the outer corner.

Now onto the COLOR! Here's Punk Funk:




That last picture (click to enlarge) really shows the glitter that's in these colors!
Super bright, especially for what I'm used to wearing, but I actually really like this =]

Blending was the most difficult part about this look. I used the first color (white) as a highlight, the fourth color (pink) on the lid, the second (blue) as a crease color, and the third (purple) on the outer corner and on my lower lash line.

This is kinda close to how it looks in real life, but the colors show up a lot darker in person. Maybe the flash washed it out? (It was SO hard taking these!!)

These are additional things I used in both looks:
CQ smartliner in black (waterline), e.l.f. liquid eyeliner in black (upper lash line), L'Oreal Telescopic Explosion Mascara in black, e.l.f. Defining Eye Brush, and the lightest color from the "dreamy" cream eyeshadow trio by Avon for my base.

I think these are great for only a dollar! (I didn't use the applicators that come with them, so I can't give you an opinion on those.) I've been wearing these for at least 3 hours so far, and no creases =] You can find them at the eyes lips face website, in Target, or in a Dollar Tree store.

Do you own anything from e.l.f.?

Oh, and just for fun....


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  1. Both looks came out really good! Great job! :D

  2. Why thank you so much =] it was fun!

  3. Both of them look great! Oh, and I love the mismatched eyes. :)

  4. are those real lashes of urs.......wow...wat u do to make them grow so beautiful

  5. Thanks Zara!

    Miss Pinkz - thank you =] well I do have mascara on in the picture, but I think I just have good genes. I don't use any products on them or anything =] thanks so much.


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