16 August 2010

NOTD: Zoya LC with Gold/Red Art


Tonight I have a short post for you, I hope. I usually say it's going to be short but then end up rambling and rambling.

I did a manicure tonight with some freehanded art, which I used to do so often but I haven't in a while. I've been inspired by a lot of blogs, so I decided to try a different design on each nail, and I really like how it turned out!

The red photographed terribly. Maybe the gold of the nail art threw off my camera? Who knows. I'll post some pictures with flash (they look more red) and some without (those make it look more orange), but the real color is somewhere in between.





Wow...didn't realize how crappy these pictures are, color-wise. Hopefully you get the gist of it; the last one is definitely the closest picture and it's almost true to how it looks in person.

I neglected to take bottle/tool pictures, but I used Zoya's LC from the Gossip collection (find out how I won the Gossip collection in a contest HERE) as the base. Then I drew the gold lines with a champagne/gold Stripe Rite that I got at Sally's. The dots were made using a dotting tool with OPI's Glitzerland from the Fall '10 collection (OPI Fall collection swatches to come!). I used a nail art brush from Icing in Red for some of the accent lines, and the Art Deco striping polishes in Red Glitter for other accent lines. Each nail has half of the accent lines in red, and half in red glitter.

LC, the base color, is in my opinion a summery red cream that has an orange/coral undertone. The pictures don't do it justice - I promise it's cute in person! Sorry about that!

That's it for tonight. Going to go to bed early I think. What do you think of this look?



  1. ooh i like the color combo.. !

  2. Thank you! I was afraid they would look like Christmas but they didn't turn out like that at all =]

  3. You do a great free hand. I wish I were half as talented as you.

  4. Unhas Artisticas Nill - Obrigada!

    Lacquer Ware - Thank you so much! It just takes practice and a good thin brush =]

  5. Your nails are gorgeous! I like the red and gold combo ;)

  6. tasha~ - Thank you so much! Since I've been keeping them polished they've been growing quite long =] I'm glad the colors didn't turn out Christmas-y looking

  7. this is amazing! you have great free hand skills!

    thanks for the comment on my blog! someone replied saying that you need to email companies and ask them that you are interested in blogging about their products and then it's up to them to see if they pick you! i think i might have to try it, it's worth a shot right? it's not like you can lose anything!

  8. Smita - Thank you!! Lol I think I'd feel so pushy if I emailed a company and was like, HEY SEND ME STUFF. But, as you said, it's definitely worth a shot! Good luck and let me know how it goes!


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