18 August 2010


51 Followers! Thank you so much. I'm so happy I could entertain you for a couple minutes. I love reading all of your posts, and I hope you enjoy reading mine. =] You guys are the best.

This is just a quick post for now, some things that I've been thinking about. First, I've been trying to find my perfect red nail polish. My current manicure, the one from yesterday, Zoya's LC, is a very pretty red, but it's too pink for what I'm looking for. I believe I only have one polish that comes close, and it's a very old bottle of Wet n Wild. Most of the reds I have lean coral or pink or brown; I want like ultimate 40s glamor, red carpet, red lip, blood red. Lol, my description is ridiculous, but does anyone have any suggestions? What are your favorite reds?

Next, Polish Hoarder Disorder is having a Music challenge this week. What an awesome concept! But I'm having a really hard time thinking of a song. I didn't have time to enter last week, so I'm trying to do something really good for this week. Is anyone entering? Don't give away what you're doing though!

That's about it for right now =] I'm getting a bit tired of this manicure so maybe I'll have some OPI Swiss swatches for you later! Yaaaay!

Hope everyone's having a great day,


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