25 August 2010

What Would Have Been an Awesome NOTD

Good morning =] It's 12:01 here, so I can say that.

Here's a little bit of a recap: On Sunday afternoon, I finished my PHD Challenge entry and decided to change my nails for a bowling party fundraiser thing. I decided on China Glaze Purple Panic (neon), a gorgeous very pink toned purple with subtle pink shimmer. I did my manicure in 3 coats and it dried matte, and while I liked the look, I still topped it with Seche Vite so that maybe my nails would be more protected from breaks.

Got home from the party having broken my thumb, middle, and ring nails on my right hand and chipping my pinky. =[ Guess that was the price for bowling with long nails. I didn't fix them for the next day, but instead I just topped them with two more coats of polish, skipping top coat this time, and now I can show you how they turned out.

Here's my left hand, which used to be my short one but now it's my long one =P (All of these are without topcoat)

I really love this color and this was the first time I've ever used it. That little pinkish flash you can sorta see is really pretty with topcoat.

Andddd my poor right hand (WARNING: THESE ARE ALL EXTREMELY OUT OF FOCUS, and I have no clue why. I need a camera with a real "macro" setting and not just a "close up" mode):

My thumb was the first to go, and as soon as I lost that one (I cut it down before taking this picture, to sort of even it out), I switched from an 8 pound ball to a 6 pound ball. I'm a weakling, I know this. Anyway, those are my poor nails, and I cut them down this morning and tried to lift my spirits with a glitter polish. You get to see which one tomorrow =]

Talk to you soon,



  1. you poor thing, nail breaks are alway painful to see=(.
    This color is beautiful.

  2. Aw thank youu. I know! It's awesome. Wish I could have worn it longer =P

  3. Hey Janna, thanks for your helpful advice on my blog yesterday :) Im going to try out your ideas!
    I love this purple polish - but I only have the Sally Girl dupe. It also dried matte, and I thought it was just the dupe but thanks for posting this - good to know! (LOVE THAT COLOUR!)

  4. You're quite welcome! Can't wait to see =]

    I didn't know there was a dupe =O It's gorgeous =]


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