09 August 2010

I Feel Like I Stole from Ulta Today

Went shopping today, and you can read about the specials in the Ulta circular in my previous post here. I definitely took advantage of them!

So I walked in to Ulta, saw the Swiss collection set up right at the front, and stood in front of it. It was gorgeous! There was a whole row of Ski Teal We Drop missing (but there were still other rows full), and a LOT of other bottles gone. I picked up Glitzerland, cause I've had my heart set on that one, and The Color To Watch, which looks so pretty in the bottle! There was my $10 (actually 17), so I got my free mini pack of Brisbane Bronze, Bogota Blackberry, and Black Cherry Chutney, which look awesome. Then I ran to the back of the store, where they had soooo many collections of OPI, including Hong Kong, Shrek, MOD-ern Brights, Mattes, Suedes, blues....collections I don't remember seeing in Ulta before. So I got my ultimate lemming Jade is the New Black for my free Salon nail polish. I'M SO EXCITED.

I needed to spend $17.50 for my free bag loaded with makeup, so I bought Ulta Extreme Wear Matte Finish Mousse Foundation in Pure Beige that I'm loving, and it actually comes close to my skin tone, and Ulta Jaded nail polish, which is gorgeous. I picked the "cool" tones, even though I have NO IDEA whether I'm cool or warm, because I thought the Plum purse would go with a lot more things than the grass Green one would have. (Do you guys know if you're cool or warm? How can I figure it out? I feel like I look okay in both kinds of tones...)

They were also having a special on fragrances. If you spent 30 dollars on any fragrance, you got a free (HUGE) tote bag, and if you spent 58 dollars on DKNY Be Delicious fragrances, you got a silver bag. So my mom and I decided on buying a two pack of the Be Delicious perfumes (in those cute little apple bottles) for 52 dollars, and we got the tote bag, and the silver bag; the girl said, 52 dollars is close enough to 58. How nice! =] Neither my mom nor I am big on perfume, but she really wanted those bags, and they smell so good!

Here are the fragrances and the free bags:

Here are my Ulta makeup goodies:

Check out all the free crap that came with that bag! lol

Also pictured is the ever popular Glam Goth collection by Ulta. When I checked out with the rest of this stuff, I saw the collection sitting by the register, and I stared at it, put it down, and then when we were done checking out I decided I had to run back into the store to get it. =]

So I spent a lot of money today, but at Ulta we got over $200 worth of free gifts! You can't beat it. We saved twice as much as we spent.

While I was in the area (Ulta and Sally's are in the same shopping center), I ran into Sally's and bought Emerald Fitzgerald. So pretty =]

They said they were closing in 15 minutes so I forgot all about poor Ingrid. I'll have to go back and grab that one later.

So that's it =] Can't wait to do some swatches of all my new things. Thanks so much for listening to me rambling with excitement. Is anyone going to go to Ulta? YOU DEFINITELY SHOULD! And let me know how it goes =]



  1. Nice haul!! You make me wish there was an Ulta near where I live.

  2. Thank you =] It's worth ittt

  3. Thanks so much =] Hope to get swatching all my new goodies ASAP.


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