Allow me to introduce myself!

My name is Janna and I'm a 21-year-old college senior, a double major in Chemistry and Spanish. During the semester, I live in an on-campus apartment at my university, and when I'm home I live with my parents and my younger sister, who is 19. I also have a boyfriend of 4 years who supports my habits, which is a must! Lol

I've always loved nail polish since my mom showed me her collection when I was in elementary school, and little by little I ended up with a ton of her polishes. In 2010, I got an ad from Ulta advertising the Hong Kong Collection and fell in love with Jade is the New Black. I tried to research it online, and, of course, stumbled across tons of nail blogs! I really wanted to contribute to this community about which I have such a deep-rooted passion, and the rest is history =]

This blog is mostly a nail blog, with my occasional forays into color cosmetics and hair products. I really hope you like what you see!

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