30 September 2010

I'm Back! OPI Black Cherry Chutney

Hello again!

Today is a sad day....the weather is terrible and someone unfollowed my blog =[

Sigh, oh well. Thank you all for sticking with me! This semester is intense.

I got OPI's Black Cherry Chutney in a mini pack at Ulta (it was a free gift) the same day that I got all that other epic stuff for free. It came with Brisbane Bronze and Bogota Blackberry. I haven't tried those two yet, but after wearing neon yellow, I wanted something much darker. I think this is the darkest polish I've ever worn!

In my opinion, this is near black, but I don't think it ever looks black, even in low lighting. The shimmer in this is AWESOME! It's mostly red, but every so often you can catch some blue sparkles.

This is two coats of Black Cherry Chutney:

Alright, maybe it's KINDA close to black, but not exactly BLACK black.


This and the next one are me trying to get sun pictures inconspicuously while walking to class.


Indirect sun. Gorgeous!

If you couldn't tell, this is a very dark, almost blackened red shimmer. Two coats.

Oh, and ignore those ugly diagonal breaks. My nails never ever break straight across.

The only problem I noticed was cuticle drag, but I didn't let my coats dry in between, so that'd be why =] I actually loved this so much I bought a full sized bottle on amazon. Very sexy polish ;]

I'm slowly catching up on blogging! I've only been doing my nails once a week anyway, which is sad, so I'm not tooooo far behind. It's terrible when your mani chips and you don't have time to change it for a couple days! =[

That's it for now! Thank you so much for reading!

12 September 2010

China Glaze - Yellow Polka Dot Bikini

So yeah....I fail at posting.

I meant to post this after Labor Day weekend, but I failed. Don't give up on me! This semester, 18 credits and a job is kicking my butt. I need to start finding time to post instead of just napping every chance I get. I am physically and mentally exhausted.

ANYWAY. Enough with the excuses. I hope all of you with a new school year ahead of you are doing well, and actually....I hope everyone is doing well!

I had ended my last post saying a hint for my next manicure was, summer isn't over yet! And to me, that means NEONS. So my labor day mani was China Glaze Yellow Polka Dot Bikini!

Shown here is three coats over one (I think) coat of Sinful Colors Snow Me White:

Most color-accurate.




They look obnoxiously bright with the flash, and the color is not orange-toned at all in real life. Oh, and as you can see, I topped my ring and thumb nails with red-orange colored triangular rhinestones.

That's it for now! My next manicure was much darker...

Til next time,


04 September 2010

Avon - Jade

Hey everyone!

Sophomore year in undergrad started Wednesday so I haven't been posting =[ But here I am!

Today I have Avon - Jade. I've seen this color on other blogs, and it's just so pretty. I really like Avon; I have a ton, and for the price they're really awesome. I also picked up the new colors Urban Grey and Olive Green, but here's Jade:


This is taken on like the 5th day or so of wear...and it still looked pretty good. Application was nice, 3 thin coats and topped with Seche Vite. Base coat is Avon from the same line. In case you couldn't tell, this is a muted seafoamy (?) kind of green, cream finish, really pretty, maybe it's close to the Chanel color of the same name? I wouldn't know. I've never even seen a $25 nail polish, let alone owned one.

As you can see, I chopped my nails off after wearing Paparazzi, and having short nails is so much easier! I might keep them shorter for fall since I hope to start wearing darker colors, but we'll see.

Since I'm at school, my background is green (cause, well, my sheets are green =P), and my roommate, who was my photographer, thought that the green background made the polish look more green than it was. So, to be fair, here's a picture taken on her teal blue sheets:


Definitely looks different =P And OH HELLO chips. Like I said, this was day 5. I hate having to wear polish that long, but there's no way I'm going to be able to get spare time during the school week to change polish.

That's all for right this second. I'm in the middle of another manicure right now, so maybe you'll get another post out of me this weekend before I start another week of school. What polish? Hint: It's not fall just yet!

Thanks for reading, and thanks to my followers =]