30 September 2010

I'm Back! OPI Black Cherry Chutney

Hello again!

Today is a sad day....the weather is terrible and someone unfollowed my blog =[

Sigh, oh well. Thank you all for sticking with me! This semester is intense.

I got OPI's Black Cherry Chutney in a mini pack at Ulta (it was a free gift) the same day that I got all that other epic stuff for free. It came with Brisbane Bronze and Bogota Blackberry. I haven't tried those two yet, but after wearing neon yellow, I wanted something much darker. I think this is the darkest polish I've ever worn!

In my opinion, this is near black, but I don't think it ever looks black, even in low lighting. The shimmer in this is AWESOME! It's mostly red, but every so often you can catch some blue sparkles.

This is two coats of Black Cherry Chutney:

Alright, maybe it's KINDA close to black, but not exactly BLACK black.


This and the next one are me trying to get sun pictures inconspicuously while walking to class.


Indirect sun. Gorgeous!

If you couldn't tell, this is a very dark, almost blackened red shimmer. Two coats.

Oh, and ignore those ugly diagonal breaks. My nails never ever break straight across.

The only problem I noticed was cuticle drag, but I didn't let my coats dry in between, so that'd be why =] I actually loved this so much I bought a full sized bottle on amazon. Very sexy polish ;]

I'm slowly catching up on blogging! I've only been doing my nails once a week anyway, which is sad, so I'm not tooooo far behind. It's terrible when your mani chips and you don't have time to change it for a couple days! =[

That's it for now! Thank you so much for reading!


  1. Very pretty! The shimmer looks really nice.

    ...As for whoever unfollowed you, it's their loss. :)

  2. Awww thank you Zara =] It is pretty; I'm happy I got a full bottle!

  3. love this manicure! your blog is adorable! I love the rainbow background

    Follow me and ill follow you!
    (i just started and could use some followers!)

  4. Wow! That is stunning. It looks wonderful on you. :D

    Aw! Why would someone un follow you? I am not going to.

  5. Thank you so much =] It means a lot that you're all sticking with me!

  6. I love the way it looks in the sun. =)

  7. Yes! It's so distracting in the sunlight.


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