10 August 2010

My Icing Polishes

This is sure to be a quick post, since I only have two Icing nail polishes.

Here they are!

Paparazzi and Chase Me

These are definitely unique in my collection.

Paparazzi. This color is AWESOME. Kind of a rosey copper base loaded with shimmer, glitter, and chunky holo glitter! Click to enlarge!!!

I really like how this one (above) came out. HOLO GLITTER!

You'll pretty much be blinded by this polish. This is three thin-ish coats. The formula was chunky, but what else can you expect? It wasn't a huge pain to remove, but I think some of the holo glitter stayed stuck to my skin for at least the whole rest of the day. BUT WORTH IT!

Chase Me. Cute name, pretty color. This one is a dark teal matte polish, much darker than the bottle picture shows. At first I thought it'd be close to Orly's new polish from the Plastix collection, Viridian Vinyl, but this is darker and bluer. (I don't own VV, but this is what I can tell from swatches by others.)

Dried really fast and showed every application flaw, as mattes do. I thought this would be more opaque; this is three coats. I'd say it's more of a satin than a super flat matte finish. I definitely want to wear this a lot come fall, but I may have to either put it over another polish or practice better application skills (or both).

That's all for this time. I purchased these (obviously) at a store called Icing in my local mall for $4.50 each. What do you guys think?


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