18 August 2010

OPI Swiss Collection

I have swatches!

I've been dying to swatch these since I bought them, and since I am in the process of changing my polish, I figured tonight would be an awesome night for it =]

I only purchased two polishes from this collection, since those were the ones that stood out the most to me, and I was lucky enough to receive a third one as a gift =] Let's get to the pictures.




Glitzerland. This, to me, is the perfect color gold, just close enough to a champagne color. I hate those really yellow almost brassy golds, so I was really happy with this. Foil finish. I actually don't own any other gold metallics, so it was a good choice for me. This was three coats maybe...but there wasn't any VNL (visible nail line) in real life. Don't know where that came from!




Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous. This is Glitzerland's dark silver sister. Same finish, that fine glitter/foil. This was given to me by my boyfriend's brother. I wasn't crazy about this polish when I first started seeing swatches; I didn't consider it a must-have. But now that I have it, I can really see why people are going crazy over it =] (What the heck, I can't even remember how many coats this was and I just swatched these. I want to say 2. Sorry!)



The Color To Watch. This one has been basically hated by most people, or so I've read on blogs. I basically fell in love with it though, and I think it's the most unique out of the collection. It's a light purple shimmer with a blue flash. NOT as sheer as people have said. I do super thin coats, and each of the pictures above is three. On my ring finger, I did my coats a little thicker, and it was completely opaque. It was definitely wearable as a sheer at two thin coats. Loving this color and it's my favorite of the three =]

Here's one coat over two coats of black, because I've seen people asking about that. It's even better!


Gorgeous =] I was also thinking you could layer it over a taupe color and make your own (better) version of Paradoxal. lol! Maybe I'll give that a try...

That's it for today! What do you think? How do you feel about The Color to Watch?



  1. Wow! Beautiful swatches. that purple looks great on you. I will have to go check it out!

  2. love the gold nails, so glam!



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