20 August 2010

Del Sol Calypso with Fauxnad


Posting at kind of an odd time for me today. Yesterday I painted my nails with Del Sol brand polish in Calypso. If you're not familiar with this brand, I'll tell you a little about the store. Basically they're located at a lot of beach locations (that's where I've seen them); I've been to the ones at Virginia Beach and Myrtle Beach. Their gimmick is that everything in their store (clothes, accessories, toys, and of course NAIL POLISH! =]) changes color in the sun. The store is filled with UV lights so you can go crazy trying things out and seeing how they change. =]

So of course I had to grab a nail polish when I went to the Myrtle Beach location last year. The price was a tiny bit high for me personally, $9, but I guess they DO change color in the sun, so you get a little something extra.

Here's pic spam, cause, well, IT CHANGES IN THE SUN. =O

Bottle pictures. Bottom picture has flash.

This is what it looks like most of the time, pretty color accurate =]

This was taken right after I got outside. It starts changing pretty quickly but takes a little less than a minute to reach the full color.

Darker midpoint color.

This is the full color change!

The color is a pink with a little bit of a "melon" or orange kind of color as an undertone. The "sun color" is a pretty medium warm-toned purple. I picked pink to purple cause it was one of the ones that had the most obvious change. It's a frost finish, brushstrokes are crazy. This is two coats. It's not opaque, but I was using it as a base for a Konadicure (fauxnadicure?) so two was fine.

This is topped with a stamp from Bundle Monster plate 21 and Design-a-Nail polish in Voodoo. Then I freehanded a french tip in Rimmel's Black Satin. I couldn't get any sun shots of the fauxnadicure, but you get the idea =]


My stamping skills aren't that great in my opinion, but these came out straight for the most part =] even though the thickness/darkness of each stamp is different, the effect is still there.

That's it for now. What do you think of this look?



  1. I like your stamping. I think your skills are excellent.

  2. I have this colour, I got it years ago before I even had a lot of polish. I really like Del Sol's they're very interesting.

  3. Awesome! It's really pretty. I want to get more =]

  4. This polish is pretty and so is the design - your tips are neat too, I can never get mine straight when I freehand them!

  5. Thank you =] Just takes practice!


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