15 August 2010

My Teeny Tiny Orly Collection

Long time no see!

Sorry for my small leave of absence...it's now Sunday afternoon and my last post without scheduling was Wednesday night.

I went on vacation this weekend. Not far, just down the shore, and I had expected to do some posts when I got there, but there was no internet in my hotel. NO INTERNET!!! It's 2010 people; we should be getting internet on every street corner by now! Blasphemy. I was really disappointed that I couldn't post or read all of your new posts.

I had scheduled my Jade is the New Black post to go up Thursday night, so at least you got to see that. I'm still wearing that color, and I got compliments from strangers while I was away =] It lasted from Wednesday til today pretty well. It's weird though, because I have very little tipwear, but many of my nails have small chips...not really sure how that works.

So maybe this will make up for me being MIA (I'm making a huge deal out of being gone for 3 days, lol). I only have two bottles of Orly polish, Royal Navy, which I bought after seeing gorgeous swatches on blogs, and one called Terracotta, which I bought years ago, before I'd even heard of the brand, because it was pretty =]

Here is glorious Royal Navy:




I believe this was 3 coats? The base is kinda jelly-ish. This is a darker royal blue (not quite navy) color, with some teal shimmer in it. Look at those flash pictures! So pretty.

And here's Terracotta:


Definitely no cleanup going on here...>.<


2 coats, cream finish.

Yeah, I know...you're all looking at that last picture going, JANNA, YOU MESSED UP THE SWATCHES. THAT'S NOT THE SAME COLOR. But alas, it is. I'm not sure why the no flash vs. flash pictures turned out sooooo different. My advice for that last picture is, at least for my laptop, to lower (not tilt) your head so that you're looking up at the picture; it looks way more red that way, more true to the actual color. For some reason my camera picked up a TON of pink. Sorry.

Here's a good picture of what I think this color looks like, since the first pictures are too orange to be accurate.

My favorite flower =]

It's hard for me to describe...it's red, but kinda orange, leans a little pink....warm, but soft...

If you have any suggestions on how to describe this let me know. =p

There you have it! Until next time,


PS. Thank you to all my new (and old =]) followers!


  1. Royal Navy looks great on you!
    And a hotel with no internet?! Where were you - outer space lol??

  2. So I've seen numerous NOTDs' with orly's royal navy and i was so intrigued by the colour. When i dropped in to sally's a few days ago thats the first time I saw the colour in person and it is soo gorgeous! I mean it's such a lovely colour in pictures but once you see it in real life its just on a whole another level. I am definately adding that onto my birthday list! Love the the orly's too! Thanks for the swatches.

  3. I am loving that blue color! It reminds me of some sort of candy! Cute blog! :)

  4. Leeblee - Thank you =] And I definintely felt like it! I was cut off from society.

    Kinjal - You're welcome =] It really is gorgeous, and unique! Why can't more companies make different colors like this? I hope you get it for your birthday!

    AestheticAnonymous - Why thank you so much! Hope you stick around =]

  5. hey, i liked the blue most =))
    your blog is really nice, i am a new follower
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  6. Thanks! It is quite pretty =] Will do!


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