24 July 2010

Sinful Colors - Dumpling

Hello there!

First of all, I'm going to try using Flickr for my images, since Blogger was taking forever, and hopefully it'll work out.

Today I took Zoya's Audrina off my nails, even though it was on day 4 with only standard tipwear and no chipping at all, cause it was time for something different. This is a color I just bought from the new Sinful Colors collection called Dumpling. I don't think I have ever worn yellow nail polish and I actually like it a lot.



This is four, YES FOUR, thin to medium coats of Dumpling (no topcoat), and there's still plenty of VNL. I've never in my life worn four coats of one color of nail polish. EVER. (Pay no attention to the lack of cleanup in all of these pictures.) I have to admit though, I really like this color. Eventually I decided to add a FIFTH. . . insanity.



The nails on my left hand are just sad looking, so I try to take pictures of my right hand, but then it's hard to take the picture. . . ANYWAY. It definitely looked a little better with the fifth (head shakes in disapproval) coat of Dumpling. I should have thought to put a layer of white down first. Then I used a thin coat of Sally Hansen Nail Protex strengthener as my top coat (it's also what I used as my base).



So, that's about it. This yellow is really pretty. I'd describe it as a bright standard yellow with a shimmer finish. When I look closely there are little reddish orange and maybe green shimmers, but they aren't super noticeable from far away. I had a bittersweet first Sinful Colors experience; I really liked the formula, drying time, etc., but the color wasn't opaque at all. I'll definitely have to remember to put some white under this next time.

In other news, I dyed my hair yesterday. Semi permanently, but still. My hair used to be medium brown, but it has gotten lighter lately and has started to pick up gold highlights. I bought a semi permanent dye, Clairol's Natural Instincts in "Pecan," a golden brown, with the intent of using it to bring out the gold tones in my hair, buuuuut, it actually made my hair darker. (I know, I know, semipermanents aren't supposed to lighten, but I thought it'd at least tone it.) So now my hair is deep brown with a bunch of red where my gold highlights were, and I actually love it. I'll post updates about how the color is holding up on my hair =] That's it for now!

hair before


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P.S. Sorry if my pictures aren't that good, quality-wise; I'm borrowing my sister's camera and it isn't the best (Sorry =\) Hopefully I'll buy a pretty good one soon!


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