30 July 2010

PHD Vampire Challenge Mani

Hello Everyone!

I've noticed I've been getting into a pattern. I'll do two posts in one day, and then nothing the next, then two posts the next day. . . sorry if that's annoying =]

The deadline for Polish Hoarder Disorder's vampire challenge is in half an hour, and thankfully I got this manicure done days ago. When I first saw it was a vampire theme, I was a little hesitant to enter, but then I started getting some really cool ideas.

My very first idea was to file my nails to a point because I thought that'd be really edgy and definitely vampire-like....vampirish? But I felt that A) my nails weren't long enough to look good like that, and B) I didn't want to sacrifice my nails. So I worked with what I have.

I tried to pull off a classy, gothic vampire look. Vampires (at least the original kind, that DON'T sparkle) are pretty sophisticated, in my opinion. Originally, they were going have a red base instead of the purple, but I really think the purple is what makes this whole look. I actually wore a lipstick that color when I dressed as a vampire for Halloween a couple years ago. lol =]

Here's the picture I submitted:

I was pretty proud of this =]

Here's what I used:

The plum is a no name polish from The Color Workshop. French tip done in Rimmel's 399 Black Satin, and Konad done using Rimmel's 414 Insolence with Bundle Monster plate BM12.

The plate:

Here are some more pictures if you like. It was hard to get the camera to focus on the subtle design.




Pre-Konad and Pre-Cleanup


So that's my challenge mani. It was my first PHD challenge that I've entered and I can't wait to do more. I'll post a link to the Challenge Gallery HERE once it's posted.


  1. This is really pretty - I love that you went for a sophisticated look instead of just gore (which is what I did, lol)! I was hesitant to do this challenge, too, but I'm so glad I did.

  2. Thanks so much! I really liked your entry!


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