01 August 2012

Summertime with Zoya Zuza and Myrta

Hey everyone!

I'm back today with two colors from the Zoya Surf Collection that came out this summer. I really liked the look of these two together so I decided to pair them together. Here are Zoya Zuza (blue) and Zoya Myrta (orange).

Truest to color

As you can see, Myrta is a very red-toned orange and NOT a secondary or pumpkin orange. Don't be fooled! I tried to make sure my pictures are true-to-color.

I really loved both of these colors but I have some comments. They both stained, Myrta more than Zuza surprisingly and I used base coat, so next time I'll have to double-up. The formula was very interesting; they both dried fast so I had some drag marks where the polish came up when I went over it a second time, so I would suggest working fast and as few strokes as possible.

You can also notice the chip on my thumb that I hastily tried to cover up with another coat of polish. I don't think this is the fault of the polish, just so you know.

This is a fun summer manicure and I love a good accent nail. What do you think about the Surf Collection?

Thanks for reading!


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