16 August 2012

Urban Decay Haul - Part Two

Hello there! Welcome to Part 2 of my haul! For part 1 and pictures/swatches of the UD Vegan Palette and Lip Love Gloss in Stung, click here.

Now I'm going to show you the eyeshadow singles I selected at $9 each. I chose X, Mildew, and Last Call. As you can see, the shadows are packaged in a clear little box, and that box had a coordinating color label on it, which I thought was cute. X was pink, Last Call, purple, and Mildew, green. Just wanted to mention that.

X is a stunning pink with a strong gold sheen in the pan; when swatched, it's mostly a pale rose gold. Mildew is a deep olive shimmer that's darker than I expected. Last Call is a gorgeous deep shade bordering magenta and berry. This shade in particular is really unique in my collection.

Here they are swatched dry:

There was very little product on my finger, so the swatches are light. But rest assured they're very pigmented and smooth. X is a tad bit pinker in real life.

Then I sprung for the Sparkling Lickable Body Powder. When this was on sale (it sadly isn't anymore), there were three shades pictured but only one was on sale, so that's the one I got. Here's Marshmallow, swatched next to the shadows. Note: now, since it's not on sale anymore, the font on the packaging is a different. I guess that's why they were cleaning out old ones.

Shown next to Benefit Sugarbomb for reference. This thing is huge.

The packaging is so pretty and the container is huge! I also love the powder puff and can't wait to luxuriously dab it on before a night out (ha, who am I kidding?). This stuff smells super sweet; it's a little overpowering when it's all in the container, but on the skin it mellows out. The texture of this, and the appearance in general, reminds me a bit of a nail polish, oddly: Orly Winter Wonderland. There are sparkly tiny flakes that are iridescent white with hints of blue and pink. It's pretty up close but just appears white at a normal distance. It tastes good too!

Finally, I ordered the Body Jewelry Temporary Tattoos because they looked interesting and they are currently, wait for it, two whole dollars. Who could pass that up? They come in this huge roll thing that I can't figure out how to open. There's a video on the page for these tattoos that shows these babies in action.

One more thing that they included with my order: A Naked foundation sample! Seriously, I was/am more excited for this than anything else because I've been wanting to treat myself to a mid- or high-end foundation once my tan fades.

These samples are bigger than any other foundation samples I've ever received and I've gotten quite a few in my lifetime. There is definitely enough product in them for a full face. I'm excited to check out 2.0 because that's what the Urban Decay website suggested I try when I was researching this foundation; it was just luck that it was included in the sample though. The shades 3.5, 4.0, and 8.0 are also included. These are the ones UD considers to be their most popular.

If you don't fit any of those shades, there is a transparent set of swatches that you can hold to your jawline to find your match.

So that's my haul and swatches! If you have any questions, let me know and I'll be happy to answer them. What's your must-have UD product? Did you take advantage of the sale? Or are you going to?

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  1. I have all 3 of those shadows too. Mildew is amazing! I'm following, would love if you followed back. Beauty-ninja.blogspot.com. Have a great weekend! :)

    1. I assumed Mildew was going to be much more of a golden olive shade, so I was surprised that it's as deep as it is, but that makes it unique in my stash!


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