16 August 2012

Urban Decay Haul - Part One

Hey guys!

The first time I seriously started looking into buying Urban Decay products was with the release of the (say it with me) Naked Palette. I own a few brown eyeshadows, but of course, mine paled in comparison to the deep, rich, smoldering neutrals of that famous UD palette. But me being my indecisive-to-a-fault self - and partly, the price tag - I couldn't commit to ordering it. After the release of the Naked2 Palette, my fever grew worse; I poured over too many blogs, staring at swatches and watching videos comparing Naked 1 and Naked 2 (how many different swatches of the same palette can one girl look at? a ton.), now having the even-harder choice of deciding between them. What would it be, that rich gunmetal gray and lovely plum of 1 or that AMAZING double-sided brush and deep matte black of 2? Ultimately, I ended up set on getting Naked1 and continue to pray for UD to release that double-sided brush separately (it would save space when I travel!).

Fast forward to August 9th, around 3AM EST:
I'm perusing blogs, about 5 days behind on my trusty Google Reader, when I scroll across THIS POST by G. of Nouveau Cheap (if you love cheap stuff, you're already following her). A massive Urban Decay sale! Oh, wait, it started 4 days ago. There's nothing good left.

Side note: This ALWAYS happens to me when I'm behind on blogs. I miss out on sales or things that need my immediate attention. Like free facebook samples. Still bitter. ANYWAY. Moving on.

I clicked on the link to the site anyway, and after reading a quick parody of Call Me Maybe advertising their sale, I started shopping. Two hours later (I'm a night owl), I had checked out, after having searched tons of swatches of the goodies being offered at amazing prices, deciding what I want, and committing to clicking the Checkout button and fill out all the information and confirm (am I the only one who has a hard time clicking 'Submit order'?) While I didn't end up with the Naked Palette, I ended up spending the same amount of money on a bunch of makeup that I love, instead of one palette.

So now that that long story is over, here's part I of my haul and swatches!

First up is the Vegan Palette. This is honestly the best $13 I've ever spent; you get 6 eyeshadows, 3 of which are Naked dupes (and my most sought-after shades in the Naked palette), 1 mini 24/7 Liner and one mini UD Primer Potion in Sin. Imagine my excitement over this palette since I've never used a UD liner or UDPP in my life. Shocking, I know.

The shades are Minx, Urb, Gunmetal, Twice Baked, Smog, and Half Baked. They're all gorgeous. Here are some swatches.

Minx and Urb were hard to swatch since there are some glitter chunks in those shades. Once I start using the shadows I'm sure they'll be easier to pick up. The one I was most looking forward to (Die-hard UD fans are going to laugh) was Half Baked. It's in a ton of their palettes, I know, but it's such a pretty shimmery gold-brown fusion and I love it. Plus, I'm new to Urban Decay, remember?

 Next I have Lip Love Lipgloss in Stung. This was a whopping $4 and Stung was the only shade available for that price. It looked scary in the picture and swatched on the skin; it's a very deep berry color that looks close to black, but in swatches it sheers out on the lips to produce a nice berry tint. It's a squeeze tube that has a slanted tip.

Once I swatched this I noticed two things: 1) It smells like baby powder. Odd, but true. It's really weird, but it didn't bother me too much. Just something to mention if smells, especially such specific ones, are definitely not your thing. 2) This feels AMAZING on the lips. It has a very thick consistency, which I thought would make it very sticky, but it is the least sticky gloss I've ever used. It feels like a creamy gel on top of the lips and after removal, your lips feel baby soft. Considering buying a backup or a different shade before the sale's over.
Bare lips for reference
This gloss gives a juicy berry tint

I also ordered the Lickable Body Powder, Body Jewelry Temporary Tattoos and some single eyeshadows which I'm reviewing in a second post because I don't want to make this post any longer. It will be up later tonight!

Everything mentioned in this post is still on the Urban Decay website, though perhaps not at the sale price. Go snatch some stuff up!

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for part 2!


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