31 August 2012

Face Paint Friday: Blue-Based Smoky Eye

Hey everyone! This is a scheduled post so as you're reading this, I'm moving into my on-campus apartment for my senior year of college!

If you're a long-time reader of C&C, you'll probably remember that I very rarely post during the semester because I'm super busy all the time, but I've been saving posts that I should have been making this week with the intent to use them throughout the coming weeks. As always, thanks for your support, your comments, and sticking with me even if I'm not the most consistent blogger. You're all so awesome =]

Anyway, back to what this is supposed to be about: smoky eyes. The term "smoky eyes" can either make people extremely excited or extremely nervous. For example, upon hearing someone say they wanted to do a smoky eye for prom makeup, my dad said, "Isn't that what they do on Jerseylicious?" My father only knows that because of my mother and my slight obsession with that show. That would be an example of being nervous! Hahaha.

Every time I try to do a smoky eye, I stop and think, "This needs to be darker; it's a SMOKY eye, right?" and I keep piling it on until I look like I'm dressed up as something frightening for Halloween. These were a little easier to do and less harsh-looking. Here's what I came up with:

The main shadows here are MAC Parisian Skies and Palladio Teal (applied wet with a liner brush to the lower lashline)

As a brown-eyed girl, I love using blue whenever I can. Usually it's in the form of a tiny bit of teal on the lash line, but MAC Parisian Skies changed everything I used to think about using blue on my eyes. This is gorgeous and classier than what comes to mind when you think of blue eyeshadow.

So, I learned that I should go for the gray or any muted, grayed out shades when I try to pull off a smoky eye and instead of looking like I just got into a fist fight, I could maybe look a little bit sophisticated. Hmm, who know?

So that's my post for today! I hope everyone enjoyed it. What's your opinion on smoky eyes or blue eyeshadow?

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