17 August 2012

Haulage in Baltimore, Part I: Forever XXI

Hey there!

So as you may have read in a past post, I went to Baltimore last month. While I was there, there was nothing for me to do but eat and shop, so I'm going to show you all what I bought.

First I hit Forever XXI. I love how inexpensive this store is, especially the beauty supplies. I bought a nail polish and two eye trios for a very low price...I want to say like $8.

The polish is a flakie in a sheer green base. It was the last one there and it has some boring name like "Light Green." It´s really pretty in person and for $2 you can't beat it. One trio is a pale yellow, warm light pink, and light purple. The other is neutrals: a pale beige, medium brown, and a cool darker brown. They all had pretty good pigmentation. I like them for travel or to leave in my bag.

Finally we have Claire's, where I bought a lot more than I thought. I blame the boredom. I went home with a sparkly headband, a duochrome polish, the precious metals mini collection, an ear cuff, and a hair donut.

Sparkly goodness!
 This is a mini set, so each bottle is 0.25 mL, which is perfect for a mini bottle (NOT 0.125oz....you know who I'm looking at). These are gorgeous for layering. These are not small glitters; they're larger pieces than the ones I usually buy. On the left, we have a holo glitter, next a purple, green, and blue glitter, next a blue and purple glitter, then a pink glitter, and finally a black and holo glitter. I love the look of these big glitter pieces.

This is Claire's Drops of Jupiter, which is from the Starstruck collection, which is pretty shimmers. Train earbug, anyone? This is a teal-to-pink duochrome with a glassfleck texture. I layered it over Zuza (and failed to take pictures) but the pink was fairly noticeable. I was afraid it wouldn't show up but it did make its appearance. Pretty shade, really cool bottle.

Here's a picture of my ear cuff. These have turned into my newest obsession and I plan on going back to get three more with my coupon. I've wanted a cartilage piercing for ages but since my parents have never been too keen on it, I'm stuck with these for a bit. But I love them! A warning though: the rainbow coloring on this one has completely rubbed off and it's now just silver, so if you buy it, put some clear polish over it to protect the coloring.

So that's about it. I haven't posted a haul in a long time...I've just found pictures in the abyss of my computer of about 6 of them...woops. With that, I'll talk to you later!

Thanks for reading!



  1. I love both of these stores!! I saw that mini set at Claire's when I was in Nashville, but the only one I couldn't live without was the second one from the left, so I put it back. I love those Claire's Starstruck polishes too. They are so shimmery and sparkly!

    1. i LOVE the second on the left; that was the main reason I got it! But I barely have any chunky glitters so I figured the purchase was justified =] Do you have any Starstruck polishes?


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