22 December 2010

Ulta-Exclusive OPIs - Holiday 2010

Hey everyone!

I'm sure you've seen dozens of swatches of these, but here are mine! The OPI Holi-daze collection:

Plum Full of Cheer:

This is a really interesting color...kind of a muted purple with some gold peaking through. 2 coats.

Gift Of Gold:

I love the texture of this one! Very fine gold glitter with a tiny bit of red thrown in there for good measure. It's a really bright, true yellow-gold without looking brassy. My favorite of the collection. 2 coats.

All The Berry Best:

Not really sure how to describe this one...hence all of the pictures. It's kind of a red/crimson/coral/cinnamon color....yeah. It's a pink-leaning red and you can definitely see some orange. Leaving it at that =P 2 coats as well.

Also included is a mini OPI topcoat...which I've never tried. Overall, I am glad I got this mini set. They're all really pretty holiday colors =] It retails, I think, for 12ish dollars at Ulta, but I got it on sale last week for $7!

What are your thoughts? Is this just another holiday gold, red, and purple to you?

Thanks for reading (as always),



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