30 November 2011

Dr's Remedy Instant Cover review!

Hey everyone!

Today I'm going to review a different kind of product for you called Dr's Remedy Instant Cover. It's similar to a very full-coverage foundation, and is intended for use on the body. I received the shade Light for review.

I really like the packaging for this product! It comes in a 3.5 oz tube which is a great value for the $46 Edit: $40 price tag. Here's a picture:

It comes with a sponge applicator attached to the tube so there's no need to dirty your hands with makeup! I first put Instant Cover to the test when I attended a wedding Labor Day weekend and used it to cover up a pretty noticeable scar on my knee from when I ever-so-gracefully tripped on campus last spring. I'm happy to say that it did an awesome job covering! Here are the before and afters:



Since then, I've used it a couple more times and have really liked it! The only small complaint I had was the lack of shades; at the moment the shades offered are Light, Medium, and Dark, and the light is a tad too light for my skin tone, as you can probably tell. All in all, I'd say this product is really good to have if you would like to cover scars, varicose veins, bruises, or any other imperfections on the body. It will last an extremely long time too since the tube is pretty big. Oh, and my favorite part, it dries so quickly and stayed put all day =]

Do you have this product? Also, go like Dr.'s Remedy on Facebook and follow them on Twitter to stay updated on their latest products! It's my first-ever product from this brand, but I'm pretty sure it won't be my last =]

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