06 January 2012

Beauty Resolutions 2012

Helloooo there! This is a short post that I'm putting up before my monster MAC post goes up later on. New Years Eve is seriously one of my favorite, if not my favorite, holidays. You can get dressed up, wear glitter like it's your job, stay up/out late, and reflect on a great (or mediocre) year while having high hopes for the new one. It's a fresh start. Who doesn't love that?

On NYE 2011-2012, I stayed in with my family. I'm only 20 so this is about as exciting as it gets, but we have family and friends over and eat a lot so it's always a good time. I did almost every superstition I had ever heard of. First, I wore a new top, new jeans, new jewelry, new makeup, and new polish. There was money in all of my wallets. At midnight, I made lots of noise, ate 12 grapes (this, to my understanding, is a Spanish tradition)...well actually, I ate 2, kissed my boyfriend (another superstition), and ate the other 10. Then I ran to fill up a cup with water and chuck it outside; I've heard this is a Puerto Rican tradition. And finally, I had my pork and cabbage. I have super high hopes for this year after all of that. What do you do at midnight? And correct me if I'm wrong about the origins of those superstitions!

My NYE Mani, courtesy of my new Kodak Easyshare.
Essie Braziliant with gradient on rings and thumbs in China Glaze Fireside Glow.
Two new polishes along with a new top/base coat for NYE!

I've seen a lot of talk about resolutions and I've decided to post mine here; maybe I'll be more likely to follow them that way. These are mostly regarding beauty, this blog, and health; I could go on for hours about personal or academic resolutions. Feel free to share yours below! I'd love more ideas.

1. Blog more often! (Who didn't see that one coming?!)

2. Set a budget! The lovely Lacquer Ninja posted on twitter that she's setting a polish budget including shipping per month, which will be the amount she makes in one week of dog-sitting. I'm going to modify this idea and make my budget just over half the amount I make in a week while tutoring. My budget per month (makeup and nail polish) is going to be $80. My problem is though that I rarely buy anything while I'm at school, maybe $20 worth of products per month from websites like e.l.f., Amazon, and Zoya, but when I get home I'm spending hundreds a month catching up with all of the products I missed out on during the semester. I'm gonna shoot for $80 per month and if I spend less than that one month, I'm gonna have "rollover dollars" LOL.

3. Take my makeup off before bed! I'm guilty of this one so often that I don't even want to think about it.

This is similar to the Pantone Color of 2012 - Tangerine Tango! That may
or may not be why I wore it. And a completely orange makeup look.
And a top with orange in it. And made orange punch.

4. Use less pure acetone as polish remover! It's all I brought with me for this past semester and my nails took a beating.

5. Drink more water! Self-explanatory.

6. Catalog my polishes and organize my makeup! This is a huge undertaking and I hope to get it done, or at least acceptably done, by the time my spring semester starts in 11 days.

7. Change my polish more often! Fall semester I was changing it once every 7 days if not more, and I even went out in public with chipped nails on multiple occasions. Disgraceful. I need to step my game up.

8. Do more nail art! I lost my nail art mojo a while ago and am trying to get it back. I'm thinking about doing some cool stamping or water marbling.

Braziliant is a bright orange with pink shimmer that I wish was more noticeable.
And Fireside Glow is gorgeous: a fine holo and copper glitter. Think a more opaque,
copper version of Fairy Dust/Golden Enchantment.

9. Take a multivitamin every day! I find that this helps with my migraines and I'm sure my body benefits in other ways, too.

10. Be more active in the blogging community! I don't want to bother any of you lovely people, but I'm trying to be more involved and maybe make some blogging friends this year =] I still feel like a new blogger even though I've been blogging on and off for a year and a half, so perhaps I'm still intimidated.

I was only planning on listing 3 when I got hit with all of these other ideas. So those are my resolutions! I'll see which ones I can stick to!

Fun fact: I bought a back-up of Braziliant before even wearing it. It's that gorgeous.

By the way, one of your resolutions should be to join Pinterest. I'm seriously addicted. That's why I'm writing this post at 5AM. Oh, and even though it sounded like it right there, I'm not affiliated with them =P If you need an invite let me know! Hahaha!

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