06 January 2012

MAC Lipglass Swatches


Well I'm embarrassed. I haven't done a quality post in a while, but that's about to change. I'm getting better at managing my time and hopefully I won't leave you all hanging next semester. I'll be working less than 15 hours a week, that's for sure, even though I'm upping the number of credits I'm taking a little. But somehow I ended up with class only on Monday and Wednesday! I didn't even try....so I'll have three glorious days of no class next semester (but of course, I'll be working).

Today I'm going to do a post for my Face Paint Friday series that I started way back when, featuring the products from my first-ever MAC order. I don't have a lot of pricey cosmetics, and I consider MAC pricey, so these have a special place in my collection.

This is the order I placed shortly after the Bloggers's Obsessions Collection came out. Actually, come to think of it, all of these products are from that collection. What can I say? I like to support my fellow bloggers (as if I'm even close to being on their level) and of course these were limited edition, which draws anyone's eye - if I'm going to spend $14 for a lipstick, it's gonna be a freaking amazing one that only the lucky ones will be able to get their hands on. Anyway, this was an awesome collection! I kept it small though and settled on MAC Sonoran Rain and MAC Caqui lipglasses as my first MAC purchases (even though I received the Tartan's Tale set as a gift last Christmas).

MAC Lustreglass in Decorative, and MAC Lipglasses in Caqui and Sonoran Rain

Oh, and before I start with the lipglass swatches (Meep! My first ones ever!), I wanted to add that I'm not entirely sure about my skintone, but I know for a fact I'm not cool-toned. I don't think I'm completely warm-toned though either, since I look good in a variety of shades. Perhaps I'm some sort of olive/neutral-undertoned freak. Who knows. Either way, if I were to guess my MAC foundation shade, I'd say NC 20, but I've never checked to be sure. Thought that'd be important for you guys to know; on to the pictures!

Sonoran Rain is a red lipglass with some really pretty metallic shimmer and gold sparkles, or in the words of MAC, a "deep coal-red with gold and silver pearl." I suppose it is a bit warm in the tube but I don't think it'd look bad on cool-toned folks (then again, what do I know?). This one is awesome and came out to play during Halloween when I dressed up as Snow White. I love the shimmer in this; it's an attention-grabber for sure. I've also read on many blogs this is many bloggers's favorite red lipglass ever from MAC! It's definitely red even though my pictures aren't showing it too well. I did a pretty light swatch too as I don't like super dramatic lips.


Redder than it looks here.

And since personally I think reviews of lip products are roughly 1370 times more helpful with full-face photos, here I am!

Caqui is described by MAC as a "persimmon orange." And like I said before I'm definitely not cool-toned and I find orange/peach shades much more flattering on me than pink, so orange is one of my favorite colors for makeup. I had to have this! It's very creamy and has some red undertones for sure. I must confess though that I might love this just a tiny bit more if it had some pretty pearl like Sonoran Rain, but I still love it. This could pass as your Pantone color of 2012: Tangerine Tango. I can't wait to see what other orange products come out this year! Would you wear this?


And lastly I have to add my only other MAC lip product, which is a Lustreglass in Decorative. This came in my Tartan's Tale set and it looks super scary in the tube; it's a deep purple with really pretty sparkles that look gold and pink. It's so shiny and sparkly but it's not completely opaque which makes it super wearable. This wasn't part of my MAC order, but now all of my MAC lippies are swatched in one place.


All together now! These are very color accurate.

Top to Bottom: Sonoran Rain, Caqui, and Decorative.

Sorry for the long post! I hope it was informative. Next Face Paint Friday I'm going to feature the products I ordered during my second MAC purchase, and spoiler warning: they're from the same collection. I got Parisian Skies and Hocus Pocus, because of course Jealousy Wakes is sold out. I was going to add full swatches and review here but that'd make this post insanely long, so I'll add pan shots, just in case you want to order them before they are sold out forever! If you go to the MAC website, you'll see a link that says GOODBYES. These are all the limited edition shades that are going away forever, so if you see something you like, grab it! That's what prompted me to make the second order in the first place. As of now, 1/6/12 at 10:30PM, the products are still available. Unless someone requests swatches, I'm not going to post them until next Friday, and they might be sold out by then, so check around online for swatches. Let's be honest, they're probably way better than mine anyway.

Hocus Pocus (Dark sooty gray with silver pearl, satin finish)

Parisian Skies (Muted gray-blue, satin finish)
Hocus Pocus is warmer and Parisian Skies is dustier than it appears.

Gorgeous! I'm so happy with these. Do you have any cosmetics from this collection? What do you think?

Thanks for reading! Please give me some feedback as these are my first lip swatches and I'm pretty new to swatching makeup in general.



  1. Ahhhhh, Hocus Pocus is gorgeous! Love that type of shade xxx

  2. I love Sonoran Rain and Decorative! Two of my favorite glosses ever... lipglasses are great as they actually stick around.

  3. Wendy - I love how long they last too! What nice shades.


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