04 February 2012

Pure Ice Siren with ChG Ring in the Red


It has been a while, hasn't it? My semester is off to a super fast start, but I'm loving every minute of being busy. I've also had some pretty great manicures this semester so far.

Here's a manicure that I did at the end of winter break that lasted until the first week of school. It's a Pure Ice red cream, which I borrowed from my sister, and it had no label, but after some research I'm assuming it's Siren. On top of that I added Ring in the Red from China Glaze's Holiday 2011 Collection. I'm pretty much obsessed with this glitter. I wanted to wear it on its own but I wasn't sure how many coats I need, so I used one of the Pure Ice first, then added two of the glitter. I didn't get to take pictures until about five days after I did these, so sorry for any tipwear or chips you may notice!

I love the different-sized glitter in this polish! It's so much fun to look at and creates such a cool effect. It's definitely a warmer-red glitter, and my pictures photographed near orange-red, so imagine these a bit more of a true red than they look! These are topped with 2 coats of Out the Door topcoat.


Meep! That's one ugly chip.

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