29 October 2010

BCA / DA Manicure - finally!

Hey everyone!

Again, I was MIA for a bit there. Sorry about that! I went to my first Broadway show last night =] In The Heights! It was amazing =]

Onto this manicure. I did this like...almost 3 weeks ago. Oops. This was inspired by this post by Deez Nails. I had the same problem with Sally Hansen Lime Lights...It's so sheer. Here it is at 4 coats (no base or topcoat):

So...yeah. Here's my combined Breast Cancer and Depression Awareness mani! Two coats of CoverGirl Megawatt Mauve topped with one coat of Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Lime Lights:

Megawatt Mauve on its own. These pictures make it look more melon-pink colored. But in real life it's a deep mauve-pink.

Again by itself. More color-accurate.

With Lime Lights! I love that subtle (or not-so-subtle) green shimmer.

Anyone else think my nails look like candy? Is that just me? ......**crickets chirping**

So pretty!

So yeah, that my combined Breast Cancer (pink) and Depression (green) manicure. What do you think?

Thanks for reading!



  1. Limelight looks horrible by itself...but really cool over the pink! Your nails remind me of watermelon candy.

  2. MMMMmmmmm! Yummy candy :D I like this combo its soo unexpected!

  3. This looks great! Limelight looks really nice over almost every colour I have tried it over.

  4. I never thought of make this kind of combination, but it turns out I like it alot! I looks so special!

    XOXO Melanie

  5. Serena - I really wanted to love it by itself but it's entirely too sheer. Thanks!

    Tasha - It DOES look like candy. I think I said that to a bunch of people who complimented my nails but no one thought the same way!

    Dee - Thanks for the inspiration!

    Toesthattwinkle, Melanie, Sylvia - Thanks so much!


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