08 October 2010

CQ Silver Taupe

This has to be one of the most unique finishes that I've ever seen on a polish. Maybe it's because I don't know about many finishes besides the standard ones, like glitter, shimmer, frost, metallic, cream, jelly, duochrome, flakie, etc. But this polish doesn't really fall into either one of those.

So, is this what "glass fleck" polish means? I didn't think glass fleck polishes gave off a speckled kind of look, but I have no idea in all honesty. If it IS glass fleck, it's my one and only glass fleck polish at the moment =]. Onto the pictures!

Here are some bottle pictures. If my camera could zoom in as close as I wanted it to, the pictures would be better. Hopefully you can make out what I'm talking about anyway!

Just nail shots:

So, I posted a lot of pictures, and hopefully you can make out the finish in at least one. The polish in real life looks almost speckled. The base is a medium taupe with a hint of violet, and it's speckled with shimmer silver pieces. If it's not glass fleck, I was thinking it was kind of a micro-flakie...nail polish. Yeah, I just made that up. I don't own any flakie polishes, but that's the closest thing I could compare it to. If they're flakies, they're almost ground up to a powder, and pieces of different sizes are covering my nail. Does this make sense at all?

Please leave a comment with what this finish is called! =] Thanks!

Other stuff: this is 3 coats, and I had to do medium coats because it was rather sheer when I did my usual thin coats. I got this at Rite Aid if you're interested. =] That's about it!

What do you think of this polish?



  1. I'm not sure what you would call it... Maybe a cross between a glass fleck and a foil?

  2. I think I'd call this a glass-flecked polish...I'm no expert though. :) I really like this - I've seen it on a couple different blogs lately, and I'm keeping an eye out for it!

  3. Thanks Serena =] I guess this is stumping everyone.

    Zara - I'm leaning toward glass fleck. I had no idea it was on other blogs! I'm not a copycat, I swear =P I hope you find it!

  4. looks a bit like ChG Stellar


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