07 October 2010

China Glaze Atlantis

This color is amazing! I ordered it off Amazon (love Amazon!) after seeing some awesome swatches not too long ago, and when it came, the polish looked absolutely amazing in the bottle. It is absolutely PACKED with holo glitter.

Onto the pictures! Warning: there are a LOT.








Yeah, I know, it's amazing. I seriously could not stop looking at my nails. I really considered taking the polish off for my Organic Chemistry exam cause I just kept staring at them while I was studying! But, of course, the polish stayed on. =]

If you couldn't tell, Atlantis is a teal blue jelly with a TON of holo glitter. The jelly is so sheer so you can see right through to all the layers of polish underneath. The effect is awesome. This is 3-4 coats; I did 3 on some and 4 on others =P. You can still see nail line, but you can't really cover it with this polish. Not that I mind at all! It's gorgeous!

Only complaint? Chipped within 2 days =\

Here's another picture that I took while I was doing my manicure. It kinda shows the thickness of coats that you need for this polish. Take a look:


These are all one coat. On the first two fingers, I did a thicker coat. And on the second two, I did how I would usually do a first coat. As I've said before, I usually do very thin coats, but that just doesn't work with this polish. It would take like 6 coats if I kept doing it that thin.

So, do you own Atlantis? I couldn't stop looking at it while it was on, and now I can't stop staring at these pictures! lol! Share your thoughts below!!

Thanks for reading!!



  1. Its gorgeous but its a pain to put on and doesnt last. Its a nice hand-candy but I think im going to pass if its such a bother!

  2. That is absolutely gorgeous! *sigh*

  3. Thanks everyone! It was totally worth wearing even if it chips kinda fast. A lot of glitters DO chip fast. And it wasn't hard to put on, I just had to work with the polish =]

    I loved this one<3

  4. Oh my gawsh! Now I want that polish even more. It looks fab on you. I hope it was lucky for your test. :D

  5. Yum! I don't own Atlantis but this makes me want it!

  6. i have atlantis and 3 coats is max for me haha so i had to deal with the VNL. u cld try layering it over nude polish next time? i shall do that too hehet

  7. Ice Queen - Thank you!! Isn't it gorgeous? It was lucky, thanks for asking =]

    Freshie - lemming created!

    Jamie - I didn't quite mind the VNL. This polish just made me so happy when I looked at it...LOL.

  8. Ohh that is an amazing polish! I love the name of it too its very appropriate


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