16 March 2011

Happy Belated Pi Day with Zoya Evangeline!


For those of you who may not know, March 14th is an important day in the world of mathematics. Not to mention, it's my mom's birthday!

Pi (π) is defined as the quotient of the circumference of a circle divided by its diameter, which will always come out to 3.141592.... It's an irrational number, so the decimal places never end! So this number, 3.14, translates to 3/14, which is PI DAY!

To celebrate, in high school we used to eat cake, pies, cookies, or any other circular foods. So on Monday, I did a really quick Pi Day manicure!

I started out with three coats of Zoya Evangeline. I got this in the Be a Star mini set with the lip gloss in Starlet. Zoya mini bottles are ADORABLE! The name of this polish will forever remind me of the Princess in the Frog. Anyone else get the reference?

Evangeline is a wine-leaning magenta, meaning this isn't a BRIGHT magenta, but a deeper one, with a ton of gold shimmer. In my opinion, the base color is very very close to that of China Glaze Ahoy! So much so, that I don't plan on purchasing Ahoy anymore. I happened to be at Ulta looking at the Anchors Away collection when I had this on, and my nails nearly matched the Ahoy bottle when I picked it up.

Here is Evangeline alone:

Then I added a bunch of multi-colored pi symbols, π, on my ring fingers and thumbs with random Stripe Rites, Art Club polishes, and Art Deco polishes. On my left thumb, I wrote "3.1415" in a black nail art brush.

I hope you guys like this! I haven't seen another pi day mani, so let me know if you see one on another blog! Hope you enjoyed your math lesson and my geek moment for the day! =D


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  1. Hm, why you had pi day? ;D
    specially maiden for Maths teacher? hihi


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