18 January 2011

Color So Hot it Berns and a Quick Update

I'm just letting everyone know that I moved into school yesterday. My first day of classes was today! Ah, I can't believe I'm back already. So I'm just saying that unfortunately I can't post as often as I did over break. I'm going to shoot for once a week! Thank you all so much for sticking with me!!

Anyway, here is Color So Hot it Berns from the OPI Swiss Collection, Fall 2010. It would have been okay in two coats, but this is three. I'm VERY picky about what I call red. A lot of the polishes I see that are supposedly red, in my opinion are red/orange or dark pink =P But this is a true red, even though it doesn't look it in my pictures, and I've actually been looking for a bright red so this is perfect. I LOVE this polish!

A book I asked for for Christmas called The Elements =] Isn't it awesome?! **Chem Geek Moment**


  1. I love this on you! what a classic red! (check out my milani review I think youll like it!)

  2. looks amazing and is very shinny. Gorgeus. Good luck in school

  3. Toesthattwinkle - Thank you so much =] I chopped them off after Christmas. They were just bending too much!

    Beauty shades - Aw thank you so much! I'll need it!

  4. This is a gorgeous red and it looks lovely with your skin tone :) I started school 2 weeks ago as well... I wish Christmas break was longer!


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