18 July 2011

Guest Post! Nina Ultra Pro Purple X-ing

(Hi everyone! I've finally arrived at the University of Santiago de Compostela! Time to get to work =] Today I have for you a guest post from Amanda of the Nail Polish Enthusiast blog. Definitely go check her out!)

Hi ladies! Today I'm posting for Janna while she's in Spain (hola querida! estas usando tu espanol? espero que si!). This is quite an honor, so I picked a polish I thought both Janna and I would adore, and I think I found it. It hits all the things I love about polish: cheap ($2.99!), easily accessible, beautiful, and a one-coat dream.

Here's Nina Ultra Pro, which is available at Sally's. The polish is called Purple X-ing, which I mistakenly called Purplexing for about a week until my friend pointed it out. This is a deep, almost royal purple with silver and purple glitter and slightly larger holo glitter in it. The picture below shows the texture (slightly gritty) and the sparkle pretty well, although it isn't so color accurate (the bottle is).



And finally, a macro shot of the bottle. Look at that sparkle!


Applying this polish was heavenly. Did I mention that is only one coat on my nails?! I loved this color, although I only wore it for one day since it started to chip and I was getting behind on manis to post on my blog and Janna's.
I hope you enjoyed this guest post! Nice meeting all of you ;)

(Gracias Amanda! I hope you all enjoyed this guest post and expect to be hearing from Amanda again really soon ;])


  1. Thanks everyone! It's really awesome and I might have to pick this one up myself!

  2. Thanks guys! Glad I could show you all this beauty :)

  3. On my top 5 list for sure! I LOVE this polish~

  4. thanks for all of the comments everyone! Sorry it's taking so long to respond =]


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