06 July 2011

My Go-Between


For this Pink Wednesday, I'm going to show you something very subtle. Yesterday, I posed this question on Twitter (follow me! @cleverncolorful) and I don't think I made any sense. This was the question:

do you have a color that you throw on when you need a between mani polish? does that make sense?

Yeah, bunch of gibberish. What I meant was: is there a polish that you can throw on between manicures if you have to leave the house, just so you don't leave with naked nails? I get so nervous with just 140 characters to use =P

When I took my glittertastic fourth of July manicure off, my nails were, obviously, naked, and my mom took that moment to ask me if I wanted to run to the store with her. My nails were so stained, so I threw this on my nails until I had time to do a full manicure. Here it is:

This is supposed to serve as a "my nails but better" look. I literally slapped on a coat of an old Sally Hansen pink glass fleck, and swiped over my tips with Rimmel Insolence, a white/silver fleck. This was only going to be worn for an hour or so, but I'm still wearing it a day and a half later....

Oh well. So now, let me re-ask this, now that I have more characters to work with....

Do you have a go-between mani?

Thanks for reading!



  1. Sadly no! I've been meaning to put some effort into finding one especially since I paint my nails frequently and they are slightly stained right now. I really like the sheer glass fleck look.

  2. deja vu - I like it too! and surprisingly my stains were covered up pretty well. I just wish I had the time to do a full mani! Good luck in your search!

  3. Billie - Thank you so much! =]


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