20 August 2011

A Bit of Polish and a Bit of Spain

Hello again! Third day in a row =]

Today I have a picture of the polish I was wearing when I left, China Glaze 2NITE<3. I also have a feet picture, so you have been warned. BUT I was wearing Barefoot in Barcelona on my toes, and I was at a beach in Barcelona....so I couldn't NOT take a picture!

Here we go:

The lovely 2NITE. This was 3 coats I think because I had a heck of a time with application. Any hints for applying this better? I only have this picture, but I thought I had taken more. 

SANGRIA at a lovely restaurant on the waterfront in Barcelona. It was delicious..and 15 euros for the pitcher. I also had a ton of mussels at that restaurant and my friend had shrimp. Yes, we split that between two people.

My Barefoot in Barcelona pedi. I left the image small on purpose =P I just can't get over how appropriate the polish was for the occasion! Oh, and I don't think the whole "nude pedi" thing works for me....or maybe I need a more warm-toned nude. I don't even care that BiB isn't good for my skintone....I love it!

And finally, La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. Oh. My. Gosh. Even looking at the pictures leaves me breathless. For some reason, I am in love with this building. I only vaguely knew of it before my trip. It is spectacular in person, and I was so happy that going to visit was on the itinerary! Here's a little bit about the building (I used Wikipedia to check my facts and for the years): So, this building is a Roman Catholic Church that was actually declared a minor basilica in 2010. The construction of the Sagrada Família began in 1882, and an architect by the name of Gaudí took over the project in 1883. When he died in 1926, less than 1/4 of the project was done. As you can kind of see in my picture, there are cranes around it, because it is still under construction today, and the project will hopefully be completely in 2026, which would be the 100 year anniversary of Gaudí's death. Also, there's some really interesting symbolism to represent the apostles and some of the saints, some of which isn't completed yet, but I'll stop boring you here. Isn't it incredible? I urge you to Google Image Search it; it's absolutely gorgeous. (Oh, here, just click!)

So that's it for now! I hope I didn't bore you =P I'll add more pictures in my next couple of posts. These are what I consider the highlights of Barcelona, since I was only there for 3 days. Look forward to some sights from Madrid and Santiago de Compostela!

As always, thanks for reading.



  1. lovely pictures and I love the site-appropriate pedi ;)My 2NITE applies well in 2 coats, not sure what advice to give you on that one

  2. Thank you! =D Mine applies with major cuticle drag =\ I need some Aqua Base or something I think.

  3. Love this post! I lived in Barcelona for over a year and this reminded me of that! :)

  4. Love the nails (both of them, haha) and that picture IS amazing. I need to go to Spain.

  5. ShortAndSweetNails - Wow! That's awesome! I'm glad I could bring back happy memories!

    Wendy - Thank you! You really do. Take me with you! Lol! I need to go again.


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