27 August 2011

Back-to-School Haulage


The hurricane is coming! I'm in southern New Jersey and it has been raining since about 10 AM. Luckily I still have my power, though!

Sorry I kind of ran out of manicures for a bit so I'm due for a long swatching session. Fortunately I have so many new goodies to play with! Wanna see? Sure you do!

First, the two most recent Serena sets. I bought the red and gold one first, since the purple was sold out at my Ulta and I couldn't NOT buy a Serena set since I play tennis, but I went back to make my last Ulta trip yesterday and they restocked Grape...Set...Match! My lucky day =]

L to R from top: Pros & Bronze, Love is a Racket, Grape...Set...Match and Servin' Up Sparkle.

Here are my two picks from the Miss Universe collection, which also randomly showed up at my Ulta yesterday. I was just there two days before but yesterday there were SO many new things and everything was restocked. I chose It's MY Year, because it was so much prettier in person than I expected, and Swimsuit...Nailed It! Fun fact: my boyfriend actually LOVED that blue.

Oh, and has anyone else seen OPI caps stamped with numbers? This is the first time I have.

Next are my Orly Birds of a Feather picks. I went out originally just wanting Fowl Play, like the rest of the world, but Sea Gurl stuck out to me for some reason as well, so I also got that one. I loved Peachy Parrot too, and actually the whole collection =P Maybe someday I'll get the rest.

Here's what I've recently grabbed from Sally's: China Glaze Trendsetter (I'll probably get more Metros in the future) and Finger Paints Cordur-Orange. I also got a One 'n' Only Argan 1.25" Curling Iron. I mentioned this on Twitter, but when I asked the woman working at Sally's if the Metros were in, she said they were in the back, but she wasn't allowed to put them out until September for some sort of promotion? But she asked if I wanted to see them and told me I could buy the ones I wanted...weird! The saleswoman got to Midtown Magic before I could, though!

This picture shows both polishes much more color-accurately.

Now I can show you these glitters I got in Spain! These are all chunky glitters that I got from an Asian Bazaar for 1 euro each. They are full of chemical goodness. They don't have names, but from left to right, it's a lilac circular glitter, a white/iridescent circular glitter, and a BLACK! circular glitter. Besides the large circular glitter, each polish has tiny glitter of the same color. I wore the black one in Spain, and application was typical for a chunky glitter: annoying and all of the glitter came to my nail tip. But they're pretty cool nonetheless.

And last but not least, MY GLITTER GAL HOLOS! These just came today and I'm already in love. I ordered them from llarowe and shipping was only $2.22. It's great that when polishes are already so much, you don't have to pay an arm and a leg for shipping as well. Super fast shipping and I highly recommend her site! I got Red, Marine Blue, and Dark Purple.


So, yeah....my stash has absolutely doubled this summer. At least. Sigh. I hate it, but I love it. This isn't even close to all that I've bought.

Oh, yeah, when my Ulta restocked, I noticed a brand new display with a white shimmery polish, a red (typical), and base and top coat. The tag on the bottles noted that some of the proceeds from sales go to a charity. The name of the white I can't remember but it had "man-i" in it, and the red was "Red-y to Help." Has anyone else seen it? I took a cell phone pic but it will not send to my email.

Did you grab any of the polishes I did? I love fall collections. And now I'm definitely all set for school! Thank you so much for reading =]



  1. Yeah, I have two (I think) stamped OPI caps. It kind of bugs me, lol!

  2. Oohhh I bought my blue Glitter Gal holo from llarowe too, isn't her shipping cheap?! I am absolutely in love with holos.

  3. Veronica - It bugs me too! Are they new polishes?

    Lisa - I love cheap shipping!! I don't order online unless the shipping is reasonable...some people are thieves lol. These holos are amazing!

  4. Oh I want your Glitter Gal holos :-)
    I love stocking up on those polishes from the Asian Bazaars in Spain too!

  5. Laura - Thanks! Since the holos were a bit pricey I bought them for myself as a "back to school" present. Where did you go in Spain? I bought my polishes in Santiago de Compostela =]

  6. Holy crap, those are amazing! The Glitter Gal especially.

  7. Great haulage! Love those Spanish glitters!

  8. Thanks for showing! Am a little jealous when I see all those gorgeous nailpolishes :D I hope you enjoy them!

    I follow your blog now for a pretty long time and maybe you followed mine on Melaniesnailpolish (The Color Palette), but I moved to a new blog that fits my ideas. Maybe you would like to take a look at www.thecolorpaletteblog.blogspot.com
    Maybe I see you there :)

  9. Karen - Thank you! Those were definitely a good deal.

    Melanie - Thank you! Don't be jealous lol =] I do follow your new blog!

  10. Nice haul. You made some great choices.

  11. Peredita - Thanks so much! I can't wait to play with them all.


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