22 August 2011

How I Got Over Polish Withdrawl


How are all of you today? Feel free to leave a comment letting me know! I'd love to talk to you guys more =]

So today I have one of my favorite manicures of late. I brought like 6 polishes with me to Spain, and I was getting plain SICK of them and couldn't wait to get home just to get back to my full stash. So as soon as I got home, I put on this one =]

First we have two coats of Orly It's Up to Blue. I really like this polish and it had awesome opacity. It even matches my cell phone! =]

And since I was craving some sort of nail art, I pulled out my brand new China Glaze Cracked Medallion. It cracked really really well! For those of you who are interested, I painted it on very thick and made a ton of brushstrokes to get this pattern. Check out the awesome color combination!

So what do you think? I needed this mani to get over my polish slump! =P

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  1. I like that combo. I love blue and gold together. We so often see blue paired with silver. Yawn! I think that the gold has more panache. :D

    I have It's Up To Blue. I wore it once and it was an unmitigated disaster. Maybe I need to pull it out and give it another chance. It is so pretty in your photographs. Maybe the disaster was a one time thing...

  2. Erika - I love this combo too! You're so right - blue is too-often paired with silver =P What happened with your It's Up To Blue mani? I didn't have any problems but perhaps they changed the formulation?

  3. The metallic CG crackles crack SO nicely. I have the purple and aqua and kinda wish I had gotten the others. The cremes don't do so well on me for some reason! Anyway, I love this color combo!

  4. I LOVE that blue (I go all romantic over blues!) xx

  5. Wendy - I was so surprised it cracked like that! I've had mixed results with the cremes. I originally wanted Tarnished Gold but couldn't find it, and now I wish I'd gotten the colors. But they're still pretty widely available where I live.

    Lisa - Thank you! I wasn't really expecting much out of it before I put it on, but it's an awesome blue!

  6. Thanks Melanie! Crackle polishes are quick and easy and look really impressive =]

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