24 June 2012

Some China Glaze Summer Neons!


Today I have for you just two of my picks from the new China Glaze Collection, Summer Neons! I seriously thought I was going to pass on this whole collection until I saw swatches that showed gorgeous shimmer! I love these =]

First I have for you Sun-Kissed, which is a lemon yellow neon with shimmer. The shimmer in this is really pronounced, borderline brushstroke-y, which made it really different from other neon yellows in my collection. The base color is also kind of unique too, since it's a little less green than, for example, Essie Funky Limelight. I've read rave reviews on the formula, but I still needed four coats of this polish to make it close to opaque. This might be because I do thinnish coats of polish, so I may be the exception to the rule. I liked this one well enough.

These pictures were all taken in indirect sun and they're very close to true color.

Now I have my favorite of these two, and possibly my favorite of the whole collection, which is a huge statement since I haven't even worn any of the other shades yet: Surfin' for Boys. This is a reddish coral neon with gorgeous pink shimmer. I don't think I have any other shades even close to this, so if you're looking for something unique, definitely give this one a try. I'm still wearing this one and am already contemplating a pedi with it in the near future, so maybe I should look into a backup bottle. This polish has already made my best of 2012 list is the reason I'm already starting a best of 2012 list! Oh, and I had significantly better luck with the formula; shown here is three coats but two would have been alright, just with some VNL (visible nail line).


These were taken in direct sun!

Overall, these were very fun to wear...not to mention, look how tan I look! Have you tried any of these? So far I've picked up Sun-Kissed, Surfin' for Boys, Pink Plumeria, I'm With the Lifeguard, and Love's a Beach. On my maybe list are Beach Cruise-r and Orange You Hot? Any comments? Which do you have?

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