21 June 2012

SpaRitual It's Raining Men


This morning, I returned from a two-day trip to New York City, where I met Christian Borle, who, if you aren't into Broadway, you may know from Smash. It was a great trip!

Today I'm showing you a polish that I bought with an Apothica giftcard that I won. I wanted a "different" polish that was unique to this brand, and I think I found that in SpaRitual's It's Raining Men. This is a sheer baby blue with a strong pink flash, and I can't really think of anything else like it. I did three coats and could have used a fourth but I wasn't minding the sheerness. I bet it'd be pretty layered too.

Blurry to show the flash!

That's all for now. And sorry for the nasty paper cut on my ring finger...it's actually from cardboard and was pretty painful, lol. See you soon for another update!

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