23 June 2011

Brief Post - Giveaway Closed!

Just wanted to post quickly to let everyone know that my Long Overdue Giveaway has closed. I ended up with 43 entrants, which is great! Thank you everybody for entering! I'm in the process of validating entries.

I also wanted to let you know that if you left me a question on my giveaway form, I sent you an email answering your questions. Thanks for having trust in my opinions! Don't delete these emails as spam =P and if you left a question and I didn't email you, drop me a comment.

Finally, as promised, everyone that entered my giveaway will be featured on my blogroll. This was my way to kind of ease into having a blogroll so it wasn't such a massive undertaking. No worries though, if you didn't enter and want to be on my blogroll, drop me an email!

My water marble post is coming up tonight! (Technically tomorrow morning.) I think you're all really going to like it.

Thanks so much!


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