08 June 2011

Haulage Part II - While I Was at School


Here's another haul for you....do you like reading about hauls? I definitely do!

First up is the 6 polishes I got from the Zoya Polish Exchange! Two of them aren't pictured; I'll explain below!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Left to right: Savita, Rica, Breezi, and Perrie. How amazing are the frosted bottles?!

The two that aren't pictured are Isla, shown HERE, and Zoya Erin, which I gifted to a friend with the same name =] Rica looks a little orange-y in this photo, sorry about that, but I assure you it's a gorgeous coral. And it's much brighter than I thought it'd be so I'm happy! Savita, I've wanted forever because I love purples, Breezi just seemed like a good polish to have even though I wasn't specifically drawn to it (am I the only one who shops like that? Please say no! =P), and Perrie seems like my perfect warm-toned lilac.

Up next is China Glaze 2NITE. I bought this on a whim kind of, from Medusa's Threads, which is a shop run by April of Concrete and Nail Polish. I'll never have any other OMGs, so I figured I might as well grab one while I can. It's still on the site, though admittedly the price has been raised a bit. Still probably cheaper than you would pay if you bought it from a seller on eBay.
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Waiting for the PERFECT time to wear this one. A jewel in my collection for sure.

Finally, a Sally's haul. Well, this is actually 2 (maybe more) hauls in one.
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Top Row: China Glaze Lightning Bolt, Cracked Concrete, Broken Hearted, Fault Link, and Black Mesh. (Not pictured is Crushed Candy. I wore it and misplaced it!)
Bottom Row: Orly Royal Velvet, China Glaze Señorita Bonita, ChG Electric Pineapple, ChG Frostbite, and a Sally's Girl polish in Periwinkle. Not pictured is Flip Flop Fantasy...I obviously have a problem locating polishes. My apologies!

My Sally's got the crackles back in stock after the initial sellout little by little. Black Mesh was the first purchase, along with Flip Flop Fantasy and Frostbite, since they were running the buy 2 get 1. Then they had the white, gray, pink, and teal, and the buy 2 get one was still on, so at that time I also picked up (or my mom did) Señorita Bonita and Electric Pineapple. (I was on the phone with my mom to pick out the polishes, and Sally's had justtt gotten in the Island Escapes. Like, the saleswoman opened the box for my mom, and was extremely impressed that I rattled off the polishes that I wanted on the phone before my mom could describe them. =P) Sally's held the purple crackle for us when it came in, so I have the complete crackle collection! =]

Oh, and I bought Orly Royal Velvet way before the crackles. So pretty.

Sorry for the long-winded post! I like to write a little background on the polishes, why I picked them, and the deals going on when I purchased them. What good are just pictures? You may disagree lol.

Thank you so much for reading, and PLEASE don't forget to enter my Long Overdue Giveaway!



  1. I love descriptions with the photo's. I find it helps me get to know the 'person behind the blog' a bit better. (Is that strange?) Anyway, awesome haul! :)

  2. Thank you! That makes perfect sense! I'm so glad you agree =]

  3. I love all your color purchases! They're all very distinct unique looking colors. And the description are great! All this 'hauling' is making me wanna go out there and do some serious polish shopping myself. =)

  4. Thank you very much! That's always how I feel after I read hauls =P

  5. Thanks for the link! I can't wait to see you wearing it. I check my prices and adjust regularly. Right now on ebay there are 2 2NITEs up for auction and the rest are selling for $35 so my price is still cheaper and I'll always keep it that way.

  6. Not a problem April! I have no doubt that your polishes are very fairly priced =]


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