14 June 2011

Haulage Part IV - I Have a Problem

The above statement is absolutely true.

I think every nail or beauty addict has a moment (or multiple moments) when they sit back and say, "I'm crazy for having this much _______." The blank, of course, is filled in with makeup, lipgloss, or in my case, nail polish. Please let me know if you have these moments!

ANYWAY. Last Saturday, I found my first "dusty," which in the nail world, to my understanding, is a beauty shop that isn't too popular, where you can find products that have long since been discontinued. Let me know if you have another definition! Besides the dusty, I also visited Ross and five below. Get ready for some more longwindedness.

First up on the left is an unnamed Cosmetic Arts polish, a really pretty very-neon pink that I got at Ross.
The rest of the polishes in the picture were purchased when I struck gold at five below, if I do say so myself. I found THREEEE bottles of Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Night Lights, a charcoal scattered holographic jelly. One of these will be given away, either included in my current giveaway, or part of a separate one. (Let me know if you have a preference!) The other mini bottle most of you probably recognize; it's one of the LE Wet n Wild polishes called Prancer. This little guy had some nail fanatics going crazy back around Christmastime, and I'm shocked that I found a bottle at five below.

This picture is Part I of the dusty. These two polishes were on clearance! To the left, Essie Funky Limelight and to the right, OPI Friar, Friar Pants on Fire, which is black-label. (One of my first salon manis was with a red OPI with gold shimmer, and even though I don't think this was the polish - maybe Sweet as Annie-thing - it still fulfills a hole in my collection.)

Okay guys, this is where the problem-having realization started to sink in. Since I study Spanish in school, I have been lemming OPI's Spain collection. The lemming definitely intensified since I'll be studying abroad in Spain next month! This dusty had EIGHT out of the 12 polishes from the collection, just sitting there in the original display rack. I was about to ask to take home the empty rack! Yes, they're all extremely similar and I wish the collection had more variation among the colors. For some reason, Can You Tapas This? was sitting in the clearance section, and the OPIs at this store were $7.50 each, which is a whole dollar cheaper than at Ulta, so in the long term I'm saving money...right?
The ones they had are (I'm gonna try to name these in order) Barefoot in Barcelona, Bullish on OPI, Can You Tapas This?, Pink Flamenco, No Spain No Gain, Here Today. . .Aragon Tomorrow, Pamplona Purple (love), and Manicurist of Seville. And my justification was that I never ever have to buy another berry shade of polish again. The other four are obviously HIGH on my (unofficial) lemming list.

EDIT 6/18: I just purchased Ate Berries in the Canaries, Give Me Moor!, and Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees. And just added Conquistadorable Color to my cart on Amazon =]

Needless to say, I'll be frequenting that dusty to check out what they crazily put on clearance. Also because they sell every brand of nail polish for a full dollar cheaper than I've found them elsewhere.

Do you have a go-to dusty? Have you ever . . . lemmed?. . . a whole collection, be it for the name or the colors? Do you have a polish problem, too? DO I HAVE ONE?!

Let me know in the comments! And as always, thanks for reading! Enter my Long Overdue Giveaway!

<3, Janna


  1. OPI Spain is probably my all time favorite collection, I don't blame you for getting it! My favorites of the collection are Pamplona Purple and Barefoot in Barcelona!! Good haul for sure.

  2. I think I have one of those moments you mention at least once per week! What a great haul and an excellent find on the Night Lights...I missed the boat on that one. Good job!
    Google is being silly and wont let me post using my account.

  3. Notes and Nails - That's awesome that it's your favorite collection! What drew you to it? Thank you!

    Veve - I think we all have those moments =] Thank you very much! Check five below and maybe you'll find it!

  4. I don't think you have a problem just today I just bought some stuff and I told myself not to. ><

  5. Haha it happens a lot! No worries =]

  6. I love dusties! My closest one is closed now though :(

  7. Aw that's awful! I want to go find some more.

  8. my friends tell me im crazy for having so many sometimes it hurts because its not like i tell them stuff for their crazy hobbies. I love painting my nails and creating designs i have a lot of nail polish and recently i been posting pics of my nails on my facebook so then they told me i have a problem. your not along n you dont have a problem:)

  9. I've been very fortunate that no one has outwardly told me I'm crazy but I'm sure many people think it =P And like I always say, and so does my mom, who is my enabler, it's not an alcohol or drug addiction! Lol. The nail bloggers out there are also very supportive so never feel that you have a problem either!


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