04 June 2011

Some Shameless Self-Promotion and Zoya Isla


Okay, first the shamelessness and then the mani. Over at More Nail Polish blog, a contest is going on where each of the participants entered a franken, and now it's up to the blog's followers to vote on a winner! Go check out the gallery of participants! There are some awesome frankens, and if you'd like to help me out, I'm lucky #7, Frankenberry. On the site you can read a description and the recipe I used. If anyone's interested in more pictures, let me know, but I submitted the only perfectly-color-accurate one to the contest =] To vote, you must be a follow of More Nail Polish and fill out the form. Vote #7! =D Here's the link.

Now onto Isla! This is a deep red shimmer from Zoya, and as soon as I saw Scrangie's swatch, I fell in love. This color is amazing in person and I tried my hardest to capture it in photos! Here it goes:

After a couple of days I fauxnaded it with a Mash plate using Design-a-Nail polish in Voodoo. I loved this and got so many compliments!

Thank you for reading!



  1. Gosh your nails are so gorgeous! And, this is an amazing color! Love the design, too *w*

  2. Why thank you so much! I love this color and the design is one of my favorites!

  3. Gorgeous! I think it'll have to go on my want list! Love your design as well!

  4. Thanks! This color is a classic for sure.

  5. Hi!
    This nail look is unbelievable!
    Can you explain how you did it plese?!

  6. do you have to use particular nail polishes when you use the nail stamps?

  7. Hi Peggy! Thank you so much =] I used a MASH plate for this design, which is basically like a Konad plate. There are plenty of tutorials online on how to use them. I used a special stamping polish for this design, but you definitely don't have to. Wet n Wild Black or any other opaque polish in any other will work fine for stamping, you just have to experiment with polishes until you find a good one. Thanks for the question!


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