16 March 2011

Happy Belated Pi Day with Zoya Evangeline!


For those of you who may not know, March 14th is an important day in the world of mathematics. Not to mention, it's my mom's birthday!

Pi (π) is defined as the quotient of the circumference of a circle divided by its diameter, which will always come out to 3.141592.... It's an irrational number, so the decimal places never end! So this number, 3.14, translates to 3/14, which is PI DAY!

To celebrate, in high school we used to eat cake, pies, cookies, or any other circular foods. So on Monday, I did a really quick Pi Day manicure!

I started out with three coats of Zoya Evangeline. I got this in the Be a Star mini set with the lip gloss in Starlet. Zoya mini bottles are ADORABLE! The name of this polish will forever remind me of the Princess in the Frog. Anyone else get the reference?

Evangeline is a wine-leaning magenta, meaning this isn't a BRIGHT magenta, but a deeper one, with a ton of gold shimmer. In my opinion, the base color is very very close to that of China Glaze Ahoy! So much so, that I don't plan on purchasing Ahoy anymore. I happened to be at Ulta looking at the Anchors Away collection when I had this on, and my nails nearly matched the Ahoy bottle when I picked it up.

Here is Evangeline alone:

Then I added a bunch of multi-colored pi symbols, π, on my ring fingers and thumbs with random Stripe Rites, Art Club polishes, and Art Deco polishes. On my left thumb, I wrote "3.1415" in a black nail art brush.

I hope you guys like this! I haven't seen another pi day mani, so let me know if you see one on another blog! Hope you enjoyed your math lesson and my geek moment for the day! =D


15 March 2011

Major Catch Up: Valentine's Day Mani

Hey everybody!

My apologies for not posting this sooner, but since I have the week off I'm going to catch up on past manicures as well as post some St. Patrick's Day nails in a timely manner. So don't be surprised if you see some more "Random Manis" posts to come.

Anyway, here's my Valentine's Day Manicure that I need a month before Valentine's Day for a contest (I did a post about it a while back asking for votes =]). The last two pictures are pictures I took for fun of my manicure for the ACTUAL Valentine's Day; sorry for the awkward angle, but I thought it was a cute pose.

Contest Entry:

Woah, props!

The base is OPI Color So Hot it Berns (NOTD here). I painted half of every finger except my ring finger with Milani One Coat Glitter in Red Sparkle. All white stamping is done with a Bundle Monster plate and Color Club Pretty in Platinum. Purple hearts were made with a dotting tool dipped in China Glaze Spontaneous. Thumb is accented with a red rhinestone heart.

I loved this manicure. What do you guys think?

Real Valentine's Day Mani featuring my boyfriend:

This is Pure Ice Peony, a frost/pearl bright pink. Same BM plate as above I believe. Purple lips are ChG Spontaneous, silver (pinky) is OPI Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous, and all red is Design-a-Nail polish in Rage. Mani topped with ChG Golden Enchantment.

Thanks for reading!


06 March 2011

Random Manicures - The Sequel

Hello everybody!

Hope you all are having an enjoyable week. Sorry for that lame excuse for a post I left you a couple days ago, but I feel so bad that I don't have a lot of time to post. I am in the 8th week of my Spring semester, which means I'm pretty much exactly at the midpoint. Mid-semester is always the busiest time, excluding finals, so I'm trying really hard to keep up with my school and work commitments, and sometimes blogging gets pushed aside unfortunately. Friday starts my Spring Break though, so I'll definitely have more time to do some swatching and posting! =] You can look forward to seeing some of the SOPI Glee polishes (if they ever arrive in the mail), my 3 free Zoyas, some Viva La Nails decals and accessories, and some e.l.f. cosmetics, all of which have been sitting in my house waiting for me to get home.

That's my little song and dance. =P I'm sure I've told you something similar before, but it's true. Onto the pictures!

These are all manis I've had on my computer since fall semester. I did find my memory card though, so hopefully I can get some more recent pictures up soon.

This is one of my favorite manis ever and I got so many compliments and questions about it. It's really simple - NYC Skin Tight Denim Creme, and after two or three days, I topped it with one coat of Essie Matte About You. No shiny pictures, sorry, just matte ones. When I first discovered the nail blogging world, seeing pictures of Russian Navy Matte drove me crazy, so I bought Skin Tight Denim Creme specifically to be used with Essie MAY and recreate the look =p. I loveeee this!

The NYC polish is just two coats (could get away with one), formula was great, and at 99 cents, it's a great way to fulfill a lemming.

Moving right along, next up is Pure Ice Iced Copper, an orange-leaning copper polish with a finish between shimmer and metallic. I bought this to fill the copper polish hole in my collection, and this one is really really pretty. Two, maybe three coats? I really like Pure Ice polishes! (Sorry for the one lonesome picture!)

And next is China Glaze Ingrid. Holy crap, my nails are so long. They actually look fake. Ahem, anyway. The first couple pictures are the only ones that are color accurate. In the last two, the color is pulling oddly green. Hm. But I believe this was three coats. Taupe/brown with pretty gold shimmer.

HOW RIDICULOUS do they look?! I don't think I could grow them that long, especially in this weather, even if I tried.

And finally, since I noticed how long my nails had gotten when I was wearing Ingrid, I pulled out Claire's Calm/Wild, because I figured the color change would be very obvious on my long nails. This is three coats, and since my hands are cold all the time, the polish most of the time was a uniform magenta color, but after I washed my hands the color change would be very apparent for a few minutes.

Midpoint color.

"Warm" color.


"Cold" color!


Midpoint. Flash.


Thank you so much for reading! You guys are amazing!


04 March 2011

Hello! + 130 followers =]

Hey everyone!

I hope all is well. I've had some computer issues but hopefully I can do a blog post sometime this weekend. I'm also doing my best to keep up with all of your wonderful posts =]

The plus side of being too busy to blog is that I'm doing really well in all of my classes. Hope that makes up for being MIA!

Right now on my fingers I'm wearing OPI No Room for the Blues, which is an awesome blue cream. Wish I could show you pictures, but my memory card is temporarily misplaced.

That's my little update for now. Thank you to all of my followers!!!!!